Bamba Ad and the general advertising industry

Is it just me or is there anyone else that finds this advertisement of Bamba decoders too boring? Must advertisers use ethnic connotations for people to buy? Those in the advertising industry and especially those working with Scanad please enlighten us more. I think there is no creativity at all generally in the advertising industry or is it because there is no feedback or criticism for their work?


Someone raised the same issue here…i think so too.kwanza hiyo ya professor nyamba bamba huniudhi tu sana.

The effectiveness of an ad isnt determined by how likeable the ad is. In fact, the more you hate an ad, the more attention you pay to the ad.


tunajua wewe ni muuzaji wa decoder


vile @aviator amesema. aromat add was nothing next to creative but the impact it had. wacha tu

Actually, the common people love the mediocre adverts that the so called “elites” hate. In kenya, if you complicate an advert utajiongelesha.


That is very true @Deorro, @fishmonger …simplicity. But should ethnicity replace creativity. Take for instance the faiba ads. Are the ads trying to be funny or are they targeting specific tribes with the shagzmodos accent, like if you want to sell something to the luhyas you have to use chicken somewhere.

Simplicity sells

currently trending on social media are the luhya jokes and memes . creative people will ride on that wave

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If you want your advert to succeed in Kenya, keep the concept as basic as possible (coz Kenyans don’t want to think), add as much humour as possible (like Faiba), but most importantly, make sure it has as much sex appeal as possible.

Sex is used to sell even cooking oil!

Yaani we put sex in everything mpaka our condoms ads are famous worldwide!

And this is how you sell a dog on OLX!


They must tailor the ads to connect with their target audience. But they still remain dull, repetitive and not creative

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Nataka huyu German chef

I’m one of those who finds Prof. Bamba very entertaining. Always has me glued as he ‘sips his Lipton tea’. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You dont have to love the advert. it just has to be memorable. when you go to the shop, you will only buy familiar stuff(stuff that rings a bell) regardless of whether you hated or loved the advert

wacha zako prof. Bamba aka nick odhiambo is funny