Ballon d'Or 2018 Official Thread & Poll

Take the poll and let the debate begin!

The ceremony is on tonight at 22:45 EAT.

There’s a buzz this time around coz for the first time in 10 years, we’re likely to get a new winner!

A CR7 upset can’t be ruled out though. He has his Tharaka-Nithi votes!

Ill have to go with Luka Modric

Mbappe all the way

Kwani this thing is held every 3 months? i thought someone broke the streak of CR7 and Messi winning it all the time

chunisha midget sukuma,ametusumbua sana na mambo ya kuchunishwa sukuma

What you saw a few months ago was the FIFA Best Player Award. It was actually a recent split;

Kama si cr7 apana tambua tena Ballon d’Or as mark of excellence in soccer


Hope tonight it goes to a different player.


Modric it was!

Bure kabisa. What did Modric do more than CR7 or Varane to win the award??

This award ni fake sana how can Messi be 5th best. I bet you if Ronaldo was still at Madrid hiyo award ingekuwa yake instead of Modric.

I thought mbappe would win.

stats zah modric this year

Goals 2, Assists 7, Free-Kick Goals 0 alfu yeye ndo best player

Went to Modric mostly because of the world cup performance

That’s why its a joke how can they ignore league performances where more games are played.

Ronaldo and Messi out performed him by miles.

This award is a sham. Even Mpabbe who is a nominee did state that no one performed to Messi’s and Ronaldo’s level in the year.

If we are giving out awards on individual performance , let it just be that.

Wesley Sneidjer:

-2010 world cup finalist with Netherlands
-Scored against Japan, Slovakia, Brazil, Uruguay in the 2010 world cup
-Man of the match in three 2010 world cup matches
-Won 2010 Serie A title with inter milan
-Won the Copa Italia with Inter Milan
-Won 2010 champions league with Inter milan against Bayern

Lost 2010 Ballon D’or to Lionel Messi

This pundit had a pretty good explanation of what happened in 2010. Watch at the 2:00 mark