Jubilee axes Bahati nomination in favor of the incumbent Oluoch. Hope he goes independent.

What does that simp Bahati know about public service or servant leadership?

Or they merely go into politics just to draw the perks and hefty paychecks. Any wonder why Trump called Africa (all countries) collectively as shitholes.

I’d expect better from you.

Granted, naturally, he’s bitter he was passed over, and he feels he’s right to air his disappointment. But Bahati is successful as a gospel musician. I think he might be starting to pull down what he has built by getting into politics. Politics tends to bring out the worst in people because of the sheer insensitivity and ruthlessness of the competition.

I support him in doing what every other politician is doing, getting on the gravy train. News flash nobody cares about servant leadership and public service in Kenya its just a decoy to get their hands on the pie.