Bag Secured, Monaco Tunasija

[ATTACH=full]235639[/ATTACH]Senior kijiji Alpha Male is finalizing securing the bag in readiness for his F1 Europe tour which starts next week Friday. On his left hand is a duffel bag stashed with $$$. Note the Hublot Big Bang timepiece and the Spectre laptop core i7. Life is what u make it.

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Visa, Plane tickets, Hotel Accomodation? Looks like Klost Kanyoka has reincarnated!

This shit should be restricted to instagram and facebook …:smiley:

Konki fire, hatari fire hehehe

Why are you travelling with cash in a bag? bank cards?

I am inspiring the younger generation who have been sold the idea that being a beta cuck is all there is to life

I am not travelling today, leo ilikua shughuli kiasi of moving cash from point A to point B

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:D:D:D… you do that on other platforms apa we are all balling out of control.


Mwanaume mzima anaita photographer afanye photoshoot ndio adanganye strangers wa KTalk? Na ukimwita poosi nikka atakataa

all the best and be safe while there…mimi the only sport that I’m addicted to is football

Peasant baki kwa lane yako tafadhali, that blazer alone can pay your rent for 3 years…cheza sana

Wacha niite chief CSI @Sterphyle from siberia akuje afanye what he does best ‘doxing’

Your blazer is where your self esteem is stored. Beta male problems, walai nakuhurumia

kama huna kitambi tulia, you have long way to go.

Boss, i hit the gym 4 times a week, swim on weekends too…complete alpha male set ni kuwa six packs abs. Why would i have a potbelly at 30?

Wewe jihurumie kwanza babaa…n u already know why u should pity yourself kwanza

I know this bastard.
I will expose him in a few.
Hes a con, a serial liar, suspected gay, and a suspected hooker.
I know his full names, his ailing dad, his sisters and brothers and how he has been living large yet he has nothing.
I am exposing you in a few boy, you thought you would lie forever? Ngojea kiasi tu.

Bring it on bro…whatchu waiting for nigga?

vaa kabuti inakutosha vizuri. dapper look imekukataa. hiyo kabuti inakaa kama ya wale wa kushonesha pale kenyarra market