Bad news!

This disease is bad when not contained. USA deaths surged past 1000. We should enforce lockdown now instead of doing Brian and Brenda PR

Kimenuka US! :D:D:D

Aah ahh walisifu mvua sasa yawanywea

This corona chieth will reboot the world to factory settings

Urbanization effects

Death to all americans. I wish death toll ifike 10k by sunday. Fools

Wueh… Kweli tutarudi kua hunters and gatherers… At this rate if civilisation falls… Ni kama ndrama ni kama findio :smiley:

And still Trump is back to his silly games of diversion by threatening Iran.

They’ve beaten Italy in everything ,new deaths and daily infections…

These two were never anywhere near patient Zero.

Kinakuja kunuka hapa.Si uongeleshe mlevi mwenzako.Huwa unamtetea lakini by now najua umeona yeye ni meffi.Mwambie ata kama sio lockdown a freeze movement outside the area where corona has been reported.Otherwise in the next 2 weeks tutakuwa tukaaa chini ya bed bila kuambiwa

True, Konyagi is playing bbi games with corona patients, after waking up from his hungover stupor.
See m7, fully in control

yet @patco is nowhere to be seen with his dumbass 3D explanations…

Italy still leads at 218 deaths per million, while the US’s is still paltry at 15 per million. Spain ndio inaelekea kuvunja record ya Italy.

Americans and other NATO memebers have been killing innocent people for decades, its their time to die. Die vermin

What should Trump do ? Keep in mind US isn’t an Authoritarian country.

Hii 2 weeks yenu kwani haifiki? Mlianza kusema 2 weeks more than a month ago. Africans are immune to this shit

Am starting to fear about his well being.

Still there are so many unexplained deaths huko. If you can’t make it to hospital, your death is not accounted for. According to wallstreet journal, the real numbers could be more than double of what is being announced

M7, Kagame, Fat Kim, Mapadlock, Putin, leaders of Gulf States, Ethiopian Leaders, are some of the leaders who can wake up one morning and unilaterally impose total lockdown.
If Uhuru does that, kesho tutakuwa pale kea Maraga.