bad accident ruaka bypass

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woishe…hpe no one has passd away

ur on the road so early

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looks bad kuna damu on the tarmac

safari ndogo ndogo za sunday, howz ur sunday?

wawawa this almost happened to me twice i’ve been forced of the road by overzealous drivers kwa hii strech .they should put bumbs on this road since kenyans don’t have the mental discipline not to over-speed on a smooth road

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hehe @junkie on the road one needs to always give other drivers the greatest room for error, sometimes unaona mtu anafuata another car from one meter behind at full speed hadi unashangaa,

My sunday is cool … juu ya praise n worship :slight_smile:

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Any fatalities @Ice_Cube ?

@john_doe not sure but the Peugeot’s driver’s compartment looks mangled vibaya

sad…lost a lady who was goin to be my mom-in-law … juzi …coz of this foolish drivers who think they own the roads.So distressed right now…siezi drive past 60kph

Is that blood yenye imetiririka down the road?

some blood mixed with oil

iyo 307 haija toa airbags?

wawawa what a sad Sunday for their families
i hope there is no any seriour fatalities

iyo pugeot ni KCA lakini imetwanga waaah


“Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.”
― Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear)


wah @pamba noma sana,

quite unfortunate…May God comfort the families

May they rest in peace

So sad; and to think they probably woke up with plans only for it to end just like that.