This gem of a word comes from Germany and it loosely translates to a face badly in need of a fist.Another useless fact I know

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Naona leo ni black monday,watu wako na shida kuliko za Baba kina nani.

Blödes Arschloch <–and what that does mean?


Blödes Arschloch is more than Asshole alone - you should add “stupid” asshole

However, educated people do not use these words hehehe :smiley:

Listen to this German people speaking very clear English…

This is or was an international camp and normally the language in such camps is English. As you may have seen, the camp was hit by an avalanche consisting of snow and dust, 18 people died. One German alpinist is ok, a second one is missing. The only German word spoken is “Scheisse” meaning “shit”…