Where can I get hii bag hapa nai? Any good place?[ATTACH=full]281189[/ATTACH]


It’s called a backpack ghassier.

Trying checking out shops selling laptops like Sarouk(sp)

Samehea mimi. Nilitoka ocha juzi

@Macharia wa kamau might help you

Where can I buy a good backpack for a hike, who knows?!

Recently, I was also looking for a few backpacks for myself, and I came across this service for the sale of backpacks [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Backpacks Global, and it seems to me that this is one of the best options that I can offer you. Therefore, if you are still interested in buying yourself a good and high-quality backpack, but without spending a lot of time, then I think I’ve already helped you, haha. Well, at least I gave you a tip, and then everything depends on you. I wish you good luck in finding a good backpack, haha. There are a lot of low-quality backpacks being made now since the Chinese sew them, so you have to look for a long time.

Alibaba, Amazon






[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]I haven’t bought a backpack for a long time, and I even forgot on which website I bought my last backpack. But I remember I was sent it by delivery in a craft package, which was incredibly cool. Now you probably won’t surprise anyone with craft packaging, but now it is available to any company that sells any goods. And 10 years ago, such packaging was used only by companies with high-quality goods, and it was something like a quality mark. I hope you are lucky and you will buy a high-quality backpack.