Back shot

I’m hating myself for agreeing to ‘backstab’ a hooker in some club in town. The hooker was curvy and light-skinned and we struck a convo as Arsenal was being outplayed by Mancity. Thereafter we got down to business and after some few strokes, she suggested I can fuck her in SIM2 provided I give her 1500. I was surprised and I took time to consider what would have been my first-time experience. Some devil got into my head and I agreed, but not after bargaining to 1200. So there I was, calling SIM 2 with glee. Though It came with some training. ‘‘Just put it gradually in until I tell you the right time to start pumping’’ she said.
What surprised me is that the booty has its own lubrication or maybe it was the lube, coz the thrusting was very smooth. The brown bitch moaned like a pornstar and after some few minutes(it was already past 9 pm so I had to rush) I jizzed. I could feel she enjoyed it and she was experienced in 'backstabbing. She even suggested I pay her by MPESA so that I can have her number but I declined and I told her the streets are small so we will meet again. We parted ways and immediately thereafter I got a bad feeling. I dreaded ‘backstabbing’ being a habit going forward. Therefore, I have promised myself never to indulge in ‘backstabbing’ because the risk is too high even though the thrill is quite nice.


Why are you gay?

So you came here to announce that you are gaaayyyyyyyy

@Unataka kujua ili?

@Some Say this thread is garbage

In other words, ulichuna sukuma and you are disgusted at the sight of you washing greens attached to your ‘small head’

@homo T. Vercetti loves this.

we understand life move fast
but brother, why are you standing on accelerator?


What club was this?

There’s a first time for everything

A short story vile PNC inakutandika


Hii ni umaraya sasa

Usijali. Contrary to the comments. As long as it’s with a woman it’s not gay. I’ve also tried it and it’s cool occasionally

Sema uli enjoy sana and unaona aibu hadi unajishuku. Ukishatembea kwa jirani ni ngumu kuacha kabisa, utajipata umerudi from time to time.


This picture cracks me up everytime. This was PNC on steroids.

Ebu nitumie number ya uyo anal queen inbox ama jina ya club

bila picha ni hekaya