Back in the days: Rich kids

Gideon Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta…Their dads were VP and President. The two were childhood friends and even attended the same high school (St Marys). They are still friends up to date …And Ruto still expects to take over frm kamwana…Think again bruh

uhunye hawezi tema Ruto. He knows the consequences. if he does so; the Rift Valley block will neither forgive him nor vote for any qiuk again.

unaona hio rebellion Ruto is currently facing in RV…unafikiri ni akinani wana pull hizo strings? Ni Snr Moi and Man giddy

Uhunye ni msee wa ma chains kwa mkono kutoka kitambo.

They seem pretty bored, like they would rather be somewhere else.

2022 kutakua moto. Uhunye is in a catch 22 situation. He owes Ruto big time but has loyalty to baba moi and his childhood buddy. Ruto bado hajaingia club ya wenyenchi. If Moi puts pressure uhunye might have to throw Ruto and the Kyuk diaspora under the bus a risk as a politician he can take in the second term; alternatively he might cut links be his own man and respect his deal with Ruto like his dad respected his MoU with Moi. Whoa! the dude isn’t sitting pretty

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Gideon Moi will never be President of Kenya, take that to SabinaJoy utapewa shot tatu on my bill.

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hapo ur undersetimating Toroitich Moi… zile miaka soo moja alitaja za kanu nani atamaliza? ama ilikua 2 kelele

that’s what many kyuks said in 2002 concerning Jomo Jnr. never write any of those guys off. Moi and Uhunye can also give Ruto a deal he cant refuse 2020 musikie Gideon kityo!

Who cares? Just sick of this dynasty shit.


I know

:). I hope people won’t have to die again in this country for any politician be it Rao, Ruto, Uhuru, Giddy Toro, Weta etc

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that seems to be the occupational hazard of our democracy democrazy

Halafu what irritates me is the sense of entitlement some masses have. So, if Ruto/Giddy are not elected in 2022 should Kenya grind to a halt because of one man/two men? The threat of eviction of Kyuks from RV if Ruto does not get the Kikuyu tribal vote just shows we as Kenyans never learn.

[SIZE=6]Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself[/SIZE]


Collateral damage is the word

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My prayer too, hope we never get to that again…people still live in IDP camps!