Back in the day when women were respectful

Schools today are radicalization camps where bitter and horny feminists visit every weekend to whip girls into radicalized dragons using their firery tongues


Wah! Err… OK. So the husband was tired that evening, na wife je?

Kubeba kuma sio kazi

@TrumanCapote come here very first and learn how the real world should be.

Heri mwanaume basi atafute mboch afanye kila kitu, cheaper than this robot.

Hapa yule mumeru wazimu atapiga kelele. Enyewe women enzi zetu were obedient. I don’t know if such remain. I me a women programmed from childhood that men are gods.

hapo sawa i wonder how those womens kids turned into feministshitt

:eek:Thengiu thengiu muno Jehova that I was not born then. Asante sana. Atee what have I just read…to be ff to my BBFs for maximum kicheko biggest.:D:D:D:D