Back and Reformed.

Since the SCORK rendered its full judgment, nilizama kwenye upekuzi wangu, and what is happening now is something choreographed by the 2 side.

Today i decided i will login kwa kijiji and try to see our RWNBP crew are doing.
To what has happened in the last 2 days political wise is like a Champions League Final, game at 1-1 already used your 2 substitute to injury (after annulment), now it is extra time Jubilee used its last substitute read elections laws then it was Raila’s time to use his substitute. All substitute try to change the game from sub bench. It is the last chess move.

All last substitutes have caused acrimony.
From the looks of things it looks like nothing fishy but from my informer somewhere, what Raila did was predetermined and well executed. I explain now.

  1. Raila’s plan to withdraw was well known by Jubilee by end of last week.

  2. Raila knew about the inclusion of Akuot to the new elections. (through the court moles).

  3. Raila had to withdraw by yesterday.
    a) before the Akout case and b) before the enactment of election law.

  4. Why withdraw before the 2 effects.
    a) before Akout case - essentially Raila withdrew from the election Gazetted on 5th September. IEBC has to gazette a new order for elections either for the same day (26th) or otherwise.
    b) before Election law being passed- with this simply Raila withdrew before the bill became law esp regarding if a presidential candidate withdraw after nominations period.

  5. Now Raila plan is this, if Iebc does not include him on the new Gazette notice including all aspirant, he will go to court and argue that he did withdraw from the election under gazette notice published on Sep 5th not on the new election under new gazette order.

  6. With this NASA will prolong the debacle further after 1st November.

  7. Omtata has gone to court to get an injunction that IEBC does not announce Uhuru has president elect and form a caretaker government if after 1st November hakuna elections.

  8. Ask yourself why IEBC wants to appeal the Akuot decision? Because it entails drafting a new gazette notice, to which all must be there, configure all KIEMS kit to 8 candidates. Remember Morpho already said its configuring KEIMS to 2 candidates.

  9. Ask yourself why IEBC demonstrations are still going on? Because Raila will still be on the ballot.

  10. Raila did this just to put squarely the fire on IEBC and Uhuru compound how they react determines what happens next.

The after effects of all this is to force Uhuru to come down and talk to them.
With this i have fully vacated NASA. Mambo kama hii ndio hatutaki

But the judge said the gazette notice can be amended. So IEBC does not need to issue a new one.

hii ndo tunaita sheckmate ama?

This is now going too far. Punda amechoka

:eek::eek: Who knew that addition of 1 voter + 1 voter + 1…could turn into differential algorithmic calculus!! This is too complicated for a simpleton like me. Soo confused about what next. :frowning:

nu stalemate.

you did not listen to the ruling. Read it again before spewing this whatever …

you should be asking whether ALIAR has signed 24A for withdrawal

Mativo said all candidates must be included

All this will have the sole result of postponing Raila’s retirement date.
Even if he gets his wish and gets the election postponed to December or January, he will still lose thoroughly.
By then, Jubilee will have sealed the legal loopholes by making sure he can no longer withdraw.
Raila will cause chaos by holding anti-chiloba demos, hoping to get a nusu mkate. Only this time, everyone is tired with him. Uhuru is prepared to let this drag as long as it can, but will not sit down with Raila to discuss anything.

utter nonsense!!
[li]RATs withdrawal is not anchored in law. the election goes on as if he didn’t do anything.[/li][li]Mativo ruled that the Gazette notice can either be amended or a new one issued. what is a Gazette notice?[/li][li]RAT is fcked whichever way you look at it.[/li][/ul]
above everything else, there was a meeting on Monday of how to deal with any eventualities arising from RAT’s withdrawal and all bases are covered. We await the decision by iebc ndio naswa watajua hawajui!

A new gazette notice has to be issued, either amended or new one. Ndio maana ata judge said that.
Anyway nimeongea na Rao and have told him ata mimi i need a rest and other foot soldiers can continue with the job.

Wewe ndio ule sijui F-mungai wa klist

Tunakuona kwa kioo. :D:D

Pwegegegegge, nilikuambia don’t celebrate too early, naona mkishikana na mjamaa wa Tissues msaidiane kutafuta offers :smiley:


Watu wako too casual to see the plan being executed here. Why do now, from next week, daily IEBC demonstrations yet ume withdraw…
Ata itumbi pale twitter amesema he expects every candidate kwa ballot. If and i have said it, if IEBC makes the mistake of not including Raila in the next gazette notice sasa ndio mambo itaharibika… IEBC to include Raila and to tell him to withdraw again. Na Raila won’t withdraw. Ask yourself why IEBC and Jubilee are quite? Why? Not as easy as it looks.

Mungai, all candidates are to appear on the ballot paper, what’s next on Odinga’s plan

I said it here… IEBC has to include everybody in the ballot for normalcy to return… Raila will not withdraw ata Orengo said no elections can happen in Kenya without Raila on the ballot. Orengo said they have all the plan on the table, just waiting for iebc and jubilee to act

Next plan is the most daunting, most dramatic Chebukati to resign. You ask why, from the election law passed today Jubilee deleted the provision that IEBC Chairman should have any degree, so it remains as it is in the constitution that IEBC chairman to be a lawyer qualified to be a supreme court judge.
The problem is all others commissioners are NON lawyers. So essentially no commissioner qualifies to be a chairman.
If Chebukati resigns, elections held, a person will go to court and challenge the declaration of the same arguing it was NOT declared by the Chairman or a person who qualifies to be a chairman.
This will achieve the end product of prolonging the crisis.
Drama is unfolding… Believe you me Raila has decided kaa mbaya mbaya, mbona IEBC demos from next week is daily? Why? Why?.
Somebody will cave in and resign, Chebukati? Maybe, then the plan falls in to place.

Well, you being in the picture with Raila doesn’t prove anything, even Munya and Rutto were in that friggin office and they aint shit.
You’ve written a lot of forward looking statements that are very speculative. State as opinion and not fact, we don’t need another Mutahi Ngunyi. Just sit down like the rest of us and see it as it unfolds. You talk like Jubilee doesn’t know what they are doing.