If you are not married listen, hearken to the words of your father my son;

DO NOT MARRY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN - look for a woman with average looks and wife her.

Beautiful women are first brainwashed by their beauty. The only thing the bring on the table is beauty and want you to worship it. They think and will tell you that ‘every man wants her’ ‘vyenye umeangukia’ etc like its a privilege to be with her

Halafu remember that every man just wants to fuck a good thing. Beta males wameoa the beautiful ones mnajua kwenye mnapitiaga silently and just know she got married after being tired or bado hajachoka

The last time I checked,the more beautiful a woman is,the more desperate she is.

Mimi nikiingia plantation lazima nioe a 9 and above. My royal penis can’t make ugly babies just coz I’m afraid the wife will be chewed. Na akimangwa narusha yeye nje, I get another 9 to 10, impregnate, and so on and so forth.

Marry both if you can… Darkskin kiatu wa kuchunga mali na slay wa kuonyesha vile ‘umeangukia’ for events

Kama ni wa kupeana atapeana tu whether she looks like Lotodo or Alicia Keys. Pussy ni yake and there’s nothing special about it. Half the world’s population has one.

Lazima tuoe warembo. Wewe kaa hapo na ongongo

How Painful can it be when you marry an ugly woman and only to disappoint you in the long run?
Tell them

:D:D:Dpost your mbisha for us please.

I only chew beautiful women…hii kijiji watu wakona low self esteem saana…upgrade your game and she will be on you kila wakati…imagine evading a beautiful woman only to get mke amechapa kama Atwoli halafu bado anakusumbua

Wewe mama, weka yako. Najua uko na confidence lakini you are not too pleasing to the eye

:D:D:D:D:D…beta male problems can’t relate,Alpha males fucks ,beta male cucks ,Hii walking on egg shells is a big NO!!!

How can you say this? Kuna wale we know that an ugly face is a good pussy.

Nitaweka in the new year…:D:D:D:D:D…kaa tu hapo pikcha inacome.

Weka pikcha…2020 hatutaki story mob.

Do not marry, Eat only like uwesmeffi

But nowadays Mimi huona like 90% of women are beautiful , so unasema watu waanze kupigania sura mbaya 10% ?

Hakuna haja uoe Dem ‘sura mbaya’ uanze kumdharau Kwa nyumba ushindwe hata kumbao Kwa bed , utese mtoto wa wenyewe

Just marry a woman munaelewana bora Si sumbua wala Malaya .

Vile wiseman amesema

You are a fraud and psychopath. Umejaribu kuimitate hako kamama la Randan ipasavyo.

Lotodo:D:D:D . I had sahaud that ninja. Always associate yourself with beautiful women. Marry the most beautiful thing you can find, if she cheats on you so be it. HOWEVER make sure she brings something to the table. Family wealth, connections… something that will you shall benefit from and leave you holding on to if the marriage doesn’t work.

Game being? Jua tu hujui.