Bachelors Life

Unaita dem bedsitter alafu unapeana viti kwa Neiba ndio akikuja akalie bed, alafu msichana na kiherehere yake anakalia mtungi ya maji hiyo ya 20litres… So unashinda ukimuuuliza "Hapo uko comfortable kweli


pray for salvation


Naweza relate… So nmekupa lyk

Maybe ndio maana hujaoa at 49 years:D


Hehehehe mwingine akakaa kwa floor yeye, mimi nikikaa hapo naye na kuanza kumtoa nguo, ilibidi aseme “Derro si we go to the bed.” apana tambua hata akikaa kwa gas cooker iko on

my yesteryears, i used to have my own simba. it had a 6inch by 6 inch square opening kwa hiyo mud thatched house, lets call it window for now. my house was pretty decently furnished for a bachelor who just cleared high school. I had 2 small stools with ofcourse a woolen knit kitambaa on it and a table that my sisters used to bring me food na kuiwekelea on top.

i had this attraction to short haired village girls. i would go tune them as far as 6km away from my simba. nothing would turn me on than to see a village girl wearing bata slippers with well oiled legs smeared with vumbi gotten from impact ya slippers na that dusty road . Also a cute smell ya ka-jasho fulani from their makwapa was a plus for me . So if i knew a mndito was coming, all the stools and meza would go underneath my bed. That was my strategy. So when she walks in, i would sit at the far edge of the bed making her feel comfortable since she is closer to the door(mind game)

So ningemauka telling her that i want to go buy Fanta na Sconse/maandazi. Of course she would excuse me nipite . When i come back with the bait, i would make her move away from the door so that i serve the meal…big mistake . Since i have retaken her position of being close to the door ningefunga kwa upesi and the rest of conjugation follows . This strategy worked well for me. They actually liked my mind game plan so much to a point that they kept coming back for rematches . Some had the audacity of telling me to replay exactly how i mind played them when we first met.

stop being a beta. hata kama nyumba imejaa sofa sets, be a man, tell her straight up you want punani.

Huu ni uduanzi wa hali ya juu, and you think this is 21st century bachelorhood?

Green emoji… Wait

umbwa muzee hii composition pelekea ile ngombe muzee ya kiriaini , shenjii

@uwesmake leo nimefinger bibi yako kwa lift

Can’t remember the last time I heard someone say tune! :D:D




Dont ever try this on a woman who is below 30years…she will literally run like a scared antelope ata kama alikua anataka kukupea.
That phrase only works when the woman is over 30 (mature) and has a child/children. Thengio.:D:D:D

Naona pia wewe ni mtu wa dirty titties diet…

I had my share of that life.