Babu Owino's Nonsense Letter To US Embassy

I have just seen in the news the infamous Babu Owino getting a one on one dress down by non other that president Kenyatta himself for writing a letter to the US embassy requesting that they organise for US president to address university students at taifa hall failure to which 18 students have threatened to commit suicide. Now, thats a new low. This Babu student will do anything to be in the lime light. What nonsense

And why would they do that if not for being too stupid…

haapo ndiyo our institutions of higher learning zimefika…

Babu Owino never wants to graduate coz he knows life after Universtity will be hell 4 him. No limelight, attention etc amd most importantly no job…who will employ this thug in the 1st place?And don’t come here with crap like he got money etc…FYI that is not his money and the moment he is no longer SONU chairman hizo pesa zinakatika

very true he is a sly one, he eats from both sides of the political divide; worst mistake. no side feels like they own him or owe him a favor

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Not only eating frm both political divides…he also pockets hela from University Dons (VCs) countryide especially when a strike is about to happen. He is given money/hongo to quell a planned strike.

Kimetolewa rangi lakini kikapata dinner invite to State House


Ndiyo hii barua yenyewe. This guy is a moron.


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he does graduate. got his LLB then went back for actuarial science. but that English yawa bure sana for an LLB holder
wapi ile mbisha ya osungu na mpira?

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Nah, twaz the other way around… he did actuarial first then went back for law… maybe he is planning a 3rd one next to keep the SONU gravy train flowing lol…

Waaaaaaah kwani siku hizi kuwa SONU Chairman iko powerful aje? How did he get close to the president in what seems to be an important international meeting coz i see sum chinese hapo nyuma. No wonder during campaign za SONU pesa zilimwagika kama river chania. If it was Moi days after scolding him the way uhuru jus did then invite u 4 dinner…hio dinner ungeikula Nyayo hse basement cells na ingekuwa ugali na matawi ya cabbage ndani ya maji moto bila chumvi…after hio kufinywa makende na pliers…ili iwe funzo kwako


This letter was thrown in the nearest Dustbin the moment it fikad USA embassy…infact it was 1st shredded and its existence forgotten in a flash…utter nonsense ati female students will urinate on the tree obama planted

They should just let them go ahead and urinate, we would have a photo fest of peeing females to ogle at for weeks.

Hiyo dinner haitawahi happen. Hizo macho amepewa jo.

that’s one thing I like about UK he doesn’t take things personally and always reaches out to those opossed to him.

I always tell sheeple that Uk aint the problem. The problem is the power behind the power, a.k.a the M.K Mafia.

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He comes up with superior ideas and then the fellows water down/derail/infiltrate those ideas.

Comparing any Kenyan public university with Kenyatta University is an insult to higher learning and diplomacy.

Why? Is it inferior or superior to other Kenyan universities?