He’s got everything a kenyan politician should have. Is he the next luo kingpin?

he can be.but after a very long time.he has the potential

True we shall see how it plays out

anyway luos will be lost after some years with no leader to cling on.raila did not groom a an option for them

I wanted to laugh but then I remembered this is Kenya and ridiculous is the order of the day.

After Raira retires Tuju and Miguna will be the new Kings. :D:D


Will akina Orengo, Mbadi, Millie na kadhalika let him? Nay, he has a long way to grow.

Miguna bado ni toddler judging from the votes he got in nairobi

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Miguna is not really a politician. He is more a technocrat than anything. With Babu Owino no one really takes him 100% seriously. He will need to build the trust across the country like Raila. But all in all the phenomena of tribal Kingpins is slowly coming to an end.


Loud mouths have a short shelflife in our politics.
It’s only a matter of time before his antics start becoming a nuisance to everyone.


Phew ! ! ! RAO is gonna take Babu Owino thru the same route he has taken, William Ruto, Ababu Namwamba, Miguna Miguna , and for one Joho, it’s a matter of let’s wait and see , but mostly probably he will be replaced by B. Owino.
As for the Luo kingpin, one Jimmy Orengo is working overtime to achieve it, while on the over side Baba Lupita is coming out as the voice of reason.
Interesting times lay ahead.


Watch out for Anyang Nyongo

Tribal kingpin isnt coming to an end infact its there to stay for a long time. The voting pattern rural areas showed that


I realised that things had become elephant for the old man when Anyang’ Nyong’o told Kisumu residents hataki upus ya demontrations. For once,they seemed to listen to the what was being said not who was saying it. When my Susultan said no funny business with the lives of his constituents,the old man’s influence was further eroded… Its going to be a fun time watching the ODM leadership unfurl and unfold.


Time to pack and go

Who is the kyuk tribe kingpin… Bcuz me thinks all they do is vote for one of their own en mass… Same with kalez… Siku za kingpin zilipita… Na the likes of shikuku mutisya, onyonka, JJ Kamotho et al. baboun as you guys call him although sometimes mislead is a voice of reason… Mofoz too blind to see shiet.

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…and unravel like a caught sweater…:smiley:


The boy has no cash to be kingpin and he is too young. The Kingpin will require some good money whether personal or from financiers. The locus of our politics is slowly shifting to the gubernatorial level.

These people have opportunities to create local patronage networks that will grant them Kingpin statua. Look at Nigeria for example or the USA. Most presidents/powerbrokers were once governors in USA. In Nigeria they were either Governors or Millitary Men.


There is a Kikuyu comedy that has a line that goes thus: Ngùkwambùra ta burana :D:D:D kills me each time every time.


With Babuon out of the way, greeks will not have to worry about who leads what, coz as far as they are concerned TMT is a threat to them coz he deeply hates them.

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you tripping…the uthamaki crew got a God father hand…ain a kuyk but hey make moves as a unit and the propaganda they are fed…look at ruto now he knows 2022 ni yake from the kuyks why?..just you don know how the grape vine works doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…