Babu Owino Played his cards right

The student who over stayed in University to gain political mileage. He knew by staying at the university and being a student leader would get him free publicity from the media. He introduced the catch pharase “tibim” while still a university S.L. He would sell his catch phrase whenever TV cameras came his way during student strikes.

He also caught the eyes of politicians like Uhuru and Raila.

His mission was to join politics and he played his cards right. He is now going to be earning close to a million per month as MP. Show me any graduate who earns that much on their first job immediately after uni?

Am sure they are some students who graduated long before him that are now either jobless or earning an eighth of what Babu is earning.

Well played Babu Owino.


I know guys who are earning that 6 yrs after uni. Yeye ali choose kuendelea kukaa campo for six extra years


They are very few unless u have connections. What if I told u I know guys who are still jobless after graduating 6yrs ago.

Hio utoto wake akipeleka bunge atakua anarushwa inje faster than he can say tialala


People change once they join bunge. Mike Sonko did. When people start addressing u as “mheshimiwa” u change your behavior. It comes automatically.

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Not this one, can we bet?


Pia Ababu Namwamba ali badilika… Ilikua sumbua kama tu huyu Babu…[SIZE=2] Babu Ababu Baba[/SIZE] hizi jina tatu kwani zime rogwa


It seems umejua Paul Ongili juzi…tuulize side hustles zake tukuambie.
There is always a shrewd business behind someone seeking an electoral position. Wengi huenda huko kujificha. Wewe Babu umemjua juzi.


Back 2006 soko was just known as Mike. Uliza Buru Buru Mike Artur ni nani and all evil about him will come.


The 23yr old 3rd year mp from igembe ako on point kushinda that over glorified heckler


hii nugu jaguar na mbogo same biz

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Unaongea like if alijoin uni and did four years and completed. Babu joined campus huko 2008 tunamaliza yeye bado yuko SGC. He is a cartel tu. No offence intended


To be a Cartel takes balls, big balls. you can never underestimate Babu. he plays his cards well. life is all about being pretty in what you do. in campus politics no one beats babu. but most of u here writing him off office politics zimewashinda. even mike sonko in street politics no one beats him,


If you know and you are telling us nothing then this comment of yours is useless.

tupe hekaya mdos…is it true they are top tier pharmacists

Wewe shinda hapo but I wish ktalk iko na official mmoja wa administration ya UoN. Hapo ndo utajua haujui.

What did the sleek looking Paul Ongili do? He looks innocent to me.

laa! hasha!! nikulaaniwa

Ati catch Phrases like Tibim, Is it Osungu ama nini, Tibim has bi used for very long in Luo just like Ilwa!, we also have Aroom Tibim, danganya toto jinga or paraphrase like re-introduced the catchword Tibim to a different audience.

Regardless of how much Babu Owino is earning, He is a fine example of all that is wrong with Kenyan leaders. He is epitome of stupidity, thuggery, muscle headednness.
As student leader he did nothing that helped those students. He rigged his way through it multiple times and was of no value at all.

Then someone comes on a forum to sing praises for him.

We never learn.