Babu: From The Rumour Mill

No questions entertained. I read it just like you did.

Biography of an Idiot: Paul Ongili Owino.

Babu is his childhood nickname. He is currently 29 years old and was born on October 10, 1988 in Kisumu. He is the son of a single parent who struggled with him and his two elder siblings.

The stupid idiot met Mr. Harry Gurves as a young lad who had just completed his O levels in 2005 and Harry introduced him to his tobacco plantation and the guy started eating it raw whereby his teeth discoloured to date.

He is a bisexual as Harry was a gay and currently he is married to a wife and together they are bringing up a child that Babu knows well that its not his because he is impotent as Harry wanted to make him a full time gay and gave him hormonal drugs that made him impotent.

Babu was Harry’s wife in a gay marriage from 2006 to 2009 before he died and this is how he gained his filthy millions after Harry left him some part of his fortune. Harry was also known to plant opium along River Nyando at it’s source which is known to produce heroin so he later introduced his wife (babu) to heroin consumption leaving him an addict and the effects can be seen on his spotted face and red eyes.

Babu’s wife is a Kikuyu but Babu who is impotent and has his dick malnourished by the hormonal drugs that Harry actually gave him to turn him to a full time woman. It can’t withstand an erection so they must have a threesome - on this combination Babu, wife and a friend called David Oyugi who is uncircumcised or Babu, wife and a dildo.

Babu is a boy who is yet to hit 30 but has the guts to insult a man worth to be his father and more too that he has the guts to insult the parent’s of his excellency but now you can understand why this fool has all the guts.


Babu should have a sit down with the 'Nairobi business owners ’ they teach him a lesson or two


apparently they did…last night.
pia leo amerudi.

2 minutes of my life that i will always rue

Wacha, you love gossip just as much as the next guy. Don’t be embarrassed - it’s a Kenyan thing :slight_smile:

Kuharibiwa jina nayo, siasa si mchezo

Kweli hio matusi iliweka mark



kwani babu ni mtu wa kabat…

ndivo inakaa


BS and fake article.