Babu & Baba: Redefining Our Social Mores Day By Day


Parachute violation of its hidden rights. [SIZE=2]But who wears chutes in this era? [/SIZE]

so sad

If this ‘nudity’ was caused by a court rulling,what would we see if there was an election win?

So very sad.

Wewe ni Commando?

Leo wamesafisha police mecho tena?

Opportunity lost. If only there was an alert police marksman with a teargas canister apime vizuuri straight into that ugly gaping hole tuone teargas ikitoka kwa mcoondoo

When Babuon says “TOA”, you don’t question. You toa and then ask him what else he would want you to remove.

There might be some value to the proposition that Babu was sexually abused by the white guy.