Baba Oti Ebu Come Hapa Kiasi. Niko Na Jobo Fulani You Might Be Interested In.

I’d like to commission you to do a KTalk avatar for me. I am aware commissioning an artist is not cheap but consider this a noble cause. As to what I might like, a gorilla might/would be fine, since you’ve already depicted me as one. Just make it as “Jaluorific” as possible, if you don’t mind. It would be an honor to be caricatured by you.

PS: @Deorro, @mundumulosi and the other admeans, make my posting privileges as flawless as possible. It’s been more than a year now, c’mon now. Remove those restrictions.

Oh, before I forget. #Alphamale #Vumbistansucks #Luolivesmatter


sasa mjalubyeng.

This correspondence must be read with a Luo accent or not at all.

Dear Brother,
It is good know that your boat ride to Amerka was successful.
I am particularly thankful to @Jirani for his consistent rowing, and to you for resisting the urge to throw his midget ass overboard.

I must admit that I was perturbed at your reception and the quarters that they confined you in upon your arrival.

That notwithstanding, you did exceptionally well at your first job at the zoo, and I must congratulate you on your new job at the Kapolice.

We are constantly amazed at your gun, watch, dog, shoe and music collekson.
Now, as you continue to chase the Amerkan dream, please spare a thought for your brothers here as we engage in the running battles and maandamano.
I will fax you by email a hard copy of my ideas for your Jaluorific avatar.
As I go away, may I remind you to look out for used brake discs for that my jalopy as the one I have is giving the jalopy a bad case of brake judder.

We will see you during Christmas.
Oh, before I forget. #Alphamale #Vumbistansucks #Luolivesmatter

Baba Oti

@introvert , i swear i need a share of what you are smoking (be it legal or illegal) :D:D:D:D


hehehe this @luoamerican better give us a hekaya!

:D:D:D:D jaluorific.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…damn, looks like the plebs guys bit more than he could chew!!! Kids, be careful what you wish for especially whenever the bad crayon bandit is concerned.


he is spoilt for choice

#LuoAmerican #MesmerizedByExpensiveDogFood

I need that sinyore too

:D:D:D jigranny inakula sweep polepole inaona haga manschaft inaisumbua

Najua hii itasaidia [ATTACH]132899[/ATTACH]


Picasso unazidi kufyatuka :D:D


#makanikamurefi someone needs help. Amefyatuka cha ukweli…

Hehehehe. Now ask the admeans to speed up my conekson ehsaap.

orangutan ama bonobo ingekua freshi

@admin do like that… before we ban you…remotely…from Plano…

Thanks baba Oti. Much appreciated.