Baba is now banking on our ignorance, stay awoke brothers


I supported Raila in 2013 and 2017 but not anymore.
If you live long enough, the hero becomes the villain.
Now he’s a senile old man.

Jakuon is meffi in my dim eyes. NO asubuhi .

BBI or not, the economy was already in the doldrums. What difference will spending 14 billion on a referendum make? After all akina Chumo stole that amount at kplc during the procurement of faulty transformers and no one noticed. Even though bbi is a weird document I think it’s vital that we have peace in Kenya.

In my very honest opinion, BBI has nothing to do with peace (or lack of it) in Kenya. It’s sole intention is to maintain stranglehold to power within a few families. NO!

civic education of the uneducated is what he should be advocating for but since he’s the Lord of poverty people empowerment is something foreign to him.

Strange times we are living in. I never thought there would come a day when me as a Luo will be against Raila and Purple as an Okuyu will support it. Yes, Raila is an IT. Very strange

Lol. 2020 has been a strange year.

Wazi omera bibiyai must fall angusha till number tutume jack Daniel on condition you will educate your fellow tribesmen to shoot hii bibiyai down.

Hii refendum si ikuje kesho niamke saa nane usiku me and a few million other people and go vote a very big NO.

So in your educated opinion we should waste 14b becauce people have stolen more? Sema you support uhuru dont take us round in silly stories. Go save

Fuack bbi

BBI my black ass

Maybe you can quote where you think it will bring the much needed peace?

There are many different ways of looking at the same thing. One, the hustler narrative is dangerous because “dynasty” carries toxic, tribalistic undertones. Since our economy is going down, regardless of anything we do at this point; with BBI in effect at least the blame remains firmly where it belongs, at the top. See how the populace is already united against BBI? Ironically, this referendum call has achieved what the powers-that-be hadn’t anticipated. Bbi and the political class are our common enemy. If you take that out, suddenly kenyans will do what they do best, vilifying some tribes for the mess.

Time to support Raila has elapsed, I no longer associate with his madness.

You must be naive if you think that bi**ch is honest. She is just another confused Kikuyu supremacist whose fear of an uncertain future has made her stagger like a drunkard on a slippery road.

Government cannot spend 14b and fail. BBI will pass.

Aha. This is another reason why I support BBI with all its madness. Indeed, Kenya must hit rock bottom like Rwanda ndio heshima idumu. Sentiments such as this one are now toooo many to ignore. Even Oledama, a whole senator talking crap the other day on tukotv and the host hypes up that sentiment with a screeching headline. I was very disappointed, I knew kikuyus are hated but damn. A good number of us finally choose to support Baba and still we’re not trusted. Katambe basi.

No comment. I respect maoni yako lakini hapa no.
Your out of touch with reality.