Baba Gets Mesmerized In A Beauty Parlour...


Odinga visited a barber during the launch of Miss White Spa at Hurlingham, Nairobi.
A Spa is a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through such means as steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage.


“I was always worried about my hair, but today I visited this spa where I learnt that they treat various categories of hair.
From the eyelashes to the eyebrows, moustache and armpit. Some places are private and you tend them on your own,
They treated me well. From the manicure to the pedicure, they made me shine and now am out looking for some company,”

a jovial Odinga excited the audience.

Kwa hivyo Barber has now turned to be an influencer

Babu should just accept he’s getting to old for some of this boolshiet, mara dancing like a teenager who has over indulged, mara spa kudarwa na young girls his grand daughter’s age.
Kujiheshimu ni kitu ya maana bwana.

You missed a pic, that of him dying his hear

Hiyo ni Ile cut inawekwa kwa receding hairline…
Akuna kitu inapatia mwanaume wasiwasi kama hii… Unakua vajo

wewe ni kinyoss naona,thats the first thin i noticed. Mi nikienya kunyolewa napeanaga warnings kadhaa ju ya hairline,inaweza kuharibia siku kama msee haelewi

Stop getting a boner over this.

kwani he is gayyyyy ndio ana smile akinyolewa na ndume

Wacha zako wewe

The Odinga family was in a joyous mood as they attended a Christmas day service at St Peter’s ACK church in Bondo, Siaya County on December 25, 2019.

This was because Raila Odinga’s firstborn daughter, Rosemary Odinga, announced that she had fully regained her sight after a two year battle with partial blindness. According to the Daily Nation, Rosemary confessed to having been through hell and back over the last two years.


“I felt alone and had to quickly learn to use the sounds and movements of people to tell who was around me.
Those were the most trying moments of my life” she narrated.

She went on to reveal that what hurt her the most during her long battle was the fact that she could not see her children.
“People would see me and think I was able to see because my eyes were ‘wide open’. I am grateful for your prayers and support during those difficult times” she stated.
Speaking at the same church service, her father - Raila Odinga, opened up on how his family struggled to come to terms with her strange illness, adding that they almost gave up on the chances of Rosemary regaining her sight.
"We got to appoint where we nearly gave up as a family after unsuccessfully visiting many hospitals including those in Germany, China, and South Africa before she was finally healed in India, he confessed.

Raila while addressing members of the public at the St Peter’s Nyamira parish, Bondo, Siaya County as reported by the Daily Nation castigated churches in the country for aiding in money laundering by political leaders in the country.

“The church should be neutral in terms of political factions. It should be the moral leader in this country,” Raila stated.

In another news, Kenyans on social media on Wednesday, December 25, 2019, were treated to a Christmas surprise after a video former Prime Minister Raila Odinga cooking breakfast went viral.
The video posted by Raila’s daughter, Winnie Odinga showed the former Prime Minister busy in the kitchen preparing a German breakfast.


Though the details of the name of the meal are unclear, the former PM appeared sure of what he was doing and was willing to explain the cooking.
Baba has badly wanted to be Kenya’s President all his life. In an intimate 2017 interview with The Standard, the ODM leader revealed that he had harbored the will to become Kenya’s president for a while and was working hard towards achieving the goal.
He confided in the prolific writer, Yvonne Aoll, during a tour of his backyard that he would ensure he became president and if he did not, it would be his greatest regret in life.

During the interview, the former premier also noted that he would retire from politics but vowed to ensure that the structure of government was stronger than he found it.
“Certainly (he would retire from politics). No one is immune to old age. In another 50 years, I definitely won’t be in the game. But I hope to have left behind a strong governance structure that could serve our people well,” he continued.
He further hinted on what he would do after retiring, including putting up investments around the region.
“Fidel had a piece of land nearby, I’ll be doing the same. I’ll definitely retire around here. It’s a great area to have some investment. Mheshimiwa Olago has done very well,” he continued.