BABA amesema Peter Keneth apewe job...

Get Peter Kenneth a job, Raila tells Uhuru:

“Mama Rahab Muhuni alilea Muthungu wa Gatanga mpaka amekuwa muungwana kabisa… Rais, huyu (Peter Kenneth) inatakikana apewe kazi ya kufanya” ~ Raila.

The leaders are attending burial of the former MP's mother in Gatanga.

— NTV Kenya (@ntvkenya) July 25, 2019

Muthungu wa ngwaci amepewa?

Ghai how can I unread this B/S? Na mnasema hatujarogwa?

Meanwhile ordinary Kenyans hawana kazi. Wame Tarmac [ATTACH=full]250150[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]250151[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]250152[/ATTACH]

Kwani anakuwanga pale jobless kona , anakujanga kuomba watu pombe kwa bar . Kazi wapatie kina @tall mnyama everywhere

BTW Tiger did you have the misfortune of listening to PK’s nauseating speech at Collymore’s send off? wee wee wee…wacha tuu. Do you also re-call Uhuru campaigning for him in 2017?think it was at Murathe’s dad’s funeral.
UK was putting down Sonko!

Brainwash is real

Its absolutely wrong on all levels. This is pure BS!

Washa wakule nyama tukimeza mate alafu twendy22 wakuje kutuomba Kura.

Hawangojei 2022!:mad: they have already started. Aligning and re-aligning…

Those are the reasons am opposed to handshake team and supporting Ruto. He is a thief but all of his wealth is inside our borders. Others steal and hide the money with foreign fund managers who reinvest it in our financial markets as foreigners

Wee don’t defend any of them…filthy pigs.

rao anataka wakue full house ndio kakinuka asikue singled out

Dynasties for you, can they employ themselves or each other in their companies.

Did sally kosgey show up for the funeral with the other in laws. Asking for a friend.

washakua wagonjwa. if you remove atwoli from cotu he will die in two weeks. you remove those politicians from public treasuries and they will all die immediately. they got no life.

In the end both parties are destroying Kenya.

But they die in comfort, dignity and less pain. All expenses paid by Kenyans (looted loot)! I don’t want to name names sababu my head is hurting already.

2022 is Peter Kenneth vs DP Dr uncle Ruto peleka hio Equity Bank.

If u are thinking the handshake was bad my fren sit back and wait for a Ruto presidency. Uliona the likes of Rotich. Kama hao hawange futwa. Followed by other scandals by the likes of Sudi na hakuna kitu mtafanya. Guys forget the Moi, Biwott days so quickly.

mtu anaombewa kazi kwa mazishi akue president? wacha kuwa funny. peter Kenneth is cut from same clothe with sakaja and Kituyi mukhisa.