Baba akisema must go, must go

IEBC Director of Legal Affairs Praxedes Tororey has offered to retire only days after commission was indicted for bungling presidential poll


Hehehe huwa mumekorogewa na mganga akakufa ama?its sad for a grown man to think about another man.


Its coming and I said it yesterday. Chiloba will go before end of the month.


The better.

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I’m I missing something

Abba you are a muchunu in the making


mliona hii???>>

I’m at a nearby tea kiosk (The Milk Bar is under renovation) listening to the latest Luo political hit song…

It’s been done in praise of Maraga…for many things, but most importantly for “protecting Agwambo’s victory”…

Which victory? I’m glad you asked. A typical Luo supporter of Rao BELIEVES (no facts to back it, just raw faith) that:

  1. There is no way Uhuruto can defeat Raila in a free and fair election…and based on this

  2. Raila got over 8m votes in the August election…but because the SYSTEM hates the change he represents…

  3. IEBC colluded with Uhuruto to steal Raila’s victory…but thank goodness…

  4. Maraga stood tall and defended Baba’s victory by nullifying Uhuruto’s reelection. Thus the adulation.

This BELIEF, sadly, is held by all Tatalites irrespective of their social status. And while it’s furthest from reality, it’s strong enough to send adults to the streets and turn grown up men into savages who have no qualms destroying or looting their neighbors’ property.

And yes, they believe Rao is running the country and whatever he demands MUST be met or else…

They’ve forgotten Agwambo is singing “no reforms no elections” and are now celebrating the change of date for the repeat poll…saying it’s the date “Jakom ordered”.

You call it delusion of grandeur, but I call it the height of political despair…

Yote tisa, Kumi #WembeNiUleUle


The legal advisor is the beginning of IEBC troubles. All those cases lost and interpreting the law and judgements especially on those cases just before the elections. Was the undoing of IEBC. That fool doesn’t deserve a pension. He had one job…,


ECK/ IEBC -Kivuitu - ---- Hassan- ------------- Chiloba- ------ — Next raira victim
Election winner -Not raira- – Never raira------------Never ever raira-------RWNEEEBP
Election whinner -raira------------raira-------------------raira---------------------raira

so predictable


Yet he alleges to be a democrat ! Siku yake yaja .


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Chiloba aende hata chebkati waende kimilili kunywa busaa, they messed up uhuru’s victory. Bure kabsaaa.


True wote waende tuchague wezi wengine watuibie na formulae ingine


Ruto will never be president.

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:smiley: mbona my old friend

usycophant unakuingia polepole

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:D:D:D inakaa hujanijua. im always UOTP. Ulizana …though i slowed down baada and Aug 8th .

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where is tribalism in that sir? ulinikoroga asubuhi ya leo lakini nilikusamehea. Sometimes after a steamy sex night with your “chips funga”, your ejaculant refuses to come out of the pipe, and as long as it gets stuck in the vas deferens ,it causes ripple effects like moods swings, keyboard aggressiveness behaviours na verbal diarrhoea. We as men get that sometimes including me. So i excused you sir because i tend to think it was one of those nights to you . Tusonge mbele na tusahau ama ?:slight_smile:

Is it a must you hurl insults everytime you reply? If it hurts you, use the ignore button but if you want to continue, be assured you are dealing with the right person. And I repeat, you are the most tribalistic old man around here

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