B747-400 landing at icao HKJK -cockpit view


not one of the smoothest landing from the first officer due to less flaring,(dont take me serious am just an armchair critic)

Those who’ve recently landed, are they still using the garage for arrivals?

On the approach , the first officer was slightly high as envisaged from from the PAPI lights being all white, and neither was he on IF since he wasn’t using the ILS.

in as much as you might be right,you do sound stupid using abbreviations in a forum thats not intune with flight jargons.
[SIZE=1]FYI[/SIZE]lights were red on white though,hence the short flare,otherwise loss of runway

Mwathani huyu anasema nini?

No, Terminal 1A was completed and opened more than a year ago. Very efficient and pretty quick immigration, new baggage carousels, smooth customs, OUT.

Wewe nakujua ile hiccup unajua ni ya kujishika mapua ndio I toke.

yenye imenishtua ni PAPI,ukweli hiccup najua hiyo moja.Hizi technical terms jo!!

When I landed I thought we’d use the new terminal only to learn it’s for KQ and KLM, tukatupwa kwa hiyo garage chafu.

That terminal is for all flying blue member airlines not just KQ and KLM.

True, Sky Team members.

The ‘garage’ is now clean and compact.
I find it much easier to use, no long walks and you exit just at the parking

Game gani hii nidownload pia:D:D

Garage is now a garage.

JKIA approach is very uncomfortable. You have to get to ngong hills bank sharply and approach. With other world reknown airports, you’re already on the approach from over 30k feet. In other words, it’s a straight approach. On several occasions, the banking to JKIA approach has led to screams from women in the flights i’ve been on coz of the quick descent and banking

i can only imagine the kind of screaming on flights…

Watu hunyamba sana during uncomfortable decents. Especially wale hawajazoea. This is a moment of truth, u will smell people intestines

Perfecto! Real life seems so much smoother that Microsoft flight. In the sim (with simulated real weather, not fake Microsoft weather) wind changes direction drastically just after minimums spoiling a good approach and forcing use of rudder at touch down. One also has to struggle with a drifting aircraft and you can not flare much at Vapp+10knots otherwise aircraft tends to float good. Very irritating.

Air speed also does not stay true, throttles have to be actuated very so often. In real life the guys just look super relaxed even in fully manual approach. I love it.