Azziad nasenya lands a radio job.


Good for her, utilising her fame very well. Si kama Githeri Man, Omosh and others

More bullshiet in the airwaves,. That’s why i stream mixcloud all day all night.

Wanaume wenye mnashuka au mmewai nywele huwa mnafeel aje?
Okay naelewa wengi were brought up by singo mums so they copy their mother’s behaviours,but wenye mko na mdela wao husema aje wakikuona na braided hair…dreads aside

ii maswali ungeulizia jana saa nane hapo salon ukifanyiwa manicure, mshienzi

That’s why my car FM radio is always tuned to KBC Radio Taifa or English Service. I can’t entertain nonsense from the slayqueen stations.

Nilikuwa nimkufie lakini ako na matiti flat. She should get silicon implants to give her chest

I’m completely out of touch with KE celebrity scene. I’m old as fuuck.

Hizo matiti ni nyinyi mmedara Hadi zikawa flattened.

You know Maasai men traditionally plait their hair ryt?
I’ve never kept long hair or locks but hizi cultures mingi you think are unafrikan are actually truly African.
I love how South African countries strongly held on to their cultures.

South Africa is leading in gays and HIV

Anything tradition keep it out of here maafaka.You know whom am referring to…ghaseeer

Boss kwani umefika ngapi

First I can’t travel with a man who has weaved his hair , second I despise a man who with woman hair that’s gross to me and majority of them come from singo momma’s family or absentee Father

You are old fashioned.

Azziad nikimpata walahi nafikisha threshold three days in a row.

If she doesn’t bite your head off when busting, on your first attempt…

Fuuck=60s. Each “u” is a decade plus 50.

Hao waliosuka umewaona wapi?

She is just the average lady, like your gf or your village HR. The only thing unique is the name and fame.