Anyone with an experience with azam tv sattelite dish… the 850 ksh package has great channels and the claim most of them have same quality as dstv dish.

Use it in shags for my folks. Premium package 870/= p.m. Kuna swali?

Whats the picture quality like.? Isiwe kama Gotv. Watched game fiorentina kwa tv ya a friend of mine and could know who is who all you could see is blue and white dots running around and keeping in mind this jamaa has the same tv like mine

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Super clear. Not full HD (only beIN gives that) but almost there.

Really…i guess i should try it…

Yes, really. If you can get mtu anayo uicheki kabla ya kununua it’d be great. The picture quality is certainly not disappointing even on a 46’ full HD screen.

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Satellite pic quality is always good than T2

Yeah…sure thats true. I think this azam is goin to be the big think in kenya. No wonder dstv inapunguza bei

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