Axela Sport

Hullo villagers,

Anyone with experience na the gari (2011, 1.5l)? Advice is greatly appreciated

Hii sio gari ya civilians kama wewe. Mazda wachia watu wa Mazda.

Elaborate …

There is a mazda expert in this forum. He’s a coast guy and also dabbles in witchcraft for a fee.

Wait for him.

:cool: but not on the witchcraft thing, siezi taa geuswa kanyau!

Go for Mazda Carol. Better speced and waaay cheaper

Ni Mazda hiyo. Thats all you need to to take the car. Heshimu mazda

since when did a 1.5l car become a sports car? The only thing that can be termed as sports with a 1.5l engine is a tuk tuk. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

Body kit with a noisy muffler is a kenyan definition of ‘sport’

Where is the @The_Virus

Sasa manufacturer au supplier akiita hivo niigeuze jina?:rolleyes: