As the year progresses, villagers are inadvertently nominating themselves into various awards categories that will be voted to and awarded by the end of the year.
These awards are:

  1. HOYA;Hekaya of the Year Award- Everyone knows what this means.
  2. NOYA: Narrator of the Year Award- This will go to the villager with the most interesting, believable and captivating stories, narrations, documentaries that are accompanied by mbicha.
  3. DOYA: De-railer of the Year Award- This will go to the villager who is notoriously known for derailing other threads.
  4. UOYA: Upuss of the Year Award; This will go to the villager who creates threads just for the sake of it.
  5. FOYA: Fisi of the Year award; ;):wink:
  6. MHOOYA: Multiple Handles Owner of the Year Award- self expanatory
  7. BLOYA: Boot Licker of the Year Award.- One who is always supporting a certain system be it government of the day, K/talk, Klost, Opposition etc.
  8. MOYA: Mod of the Year Award: Will go the best moderator. (nimeng’oa ile ya matusi)
  9. IOYA: Idler of the Year Award: Will go to the Laziest villager who will have stayed longest without graduating to the next level.
  10. WOYA: Whiner of the Year Award: This is the villager who always complains about life, threads, lunch etc.
  11. AHOYA- A Hater of the Year Award: This is the villager that always hates, and criticizes everything and everyone including Celebrities, politicians, pastors, parents etc, for the problems or woes in his/her life.
    11…you can add some more.

Uweskamau has already won this


MBOYA - MBleina of the Year award


SOYA - Shoga Of The Year Award

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…hahhaha…there is another one with 16 handles so far and counting…

When are the awards tuanze canvassing mapema?

IOYA: Idler of the Year Award:
@highschooler already won this long ago

MOYA goes to @junkie

DOYA- @Supu don already won this

Hapo December tukifunga mwaka…

Old monk for AHOYA.
Ndauwo for BLOYA, UOYA,
Jerry for sociopath of the year.


GOYA-God Of the Year Award. I’ll just go ahead and claim it, seeing as I’m the only God in this village.

NOYA will be tough to give, but i think @The_Atheist is getting closer.

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He fits in HOYA. The only competition is from ka-donkey.

BWOYA i.e beatiful woman of year award goes to none other than … ladies and gentlemen! give a round of applause for @Supu don ! congratulations.

…haters you can start mocking me… but nampenda tu hata mseme aje.


after he re-narrates the claf story, he can take it…


MANYOYA award ~ goes to the most hairy villager. :D:D:D


si tulisema kukatiana ni kwa inbox