Bedroom Windows facing each other, only difference is I think the neighbor is strangling a lady in his bedroom but from the noises she really likes it. Mbisha ni wewe


Get arimis and work with the lady’s noises. Next morning you look at the guy, smile and nod coz you know you have tapped what he has been tapping…indirectly . TF I’m I talking about?


good suggestion, am on it

Damn that was fast they are done hehe, guess I have to troll the internet then

Hehehehe, don’t move your arimis. Wait for next round.

hehehe…They are probably warming up for the nex round.

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Guess we can say the future is not really in my hands eih? hehe

What are you discussing at 4am? You should be on your knees praying.

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someone ought to be on their knees alright not necessarily praying


& holding it with both hands like shez praying for it

…like it’s a mic?


Imagine @Unicorn talking about arimis at such an unGodly hour?


Had you finished your night running?

like using his WIFI

That’s when people use arimis…wakikamua ng’ombe. Ama wewe ulizaliwa town hujui?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You laugh a lot nowadays, what is?!

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Must be the Weed

@Ice_Cube chezea yeye mind games by being creative like