Avoid Educated Women Like the Plague

1.Beb! Please I can’t make it to the house early, I’m somehow held at job!
2. Beb! My boss has chosen me to accompany him in representing our company, it’ll be held in Mombasa for a week. Take care of the kids.
3. Beb, today I had a lot of work at my office that’s why I have come home at 11:30 Pm
4. Beb, The manager needs me this weekend, there’s incomplete work that am yet to finish in the office.
5. Beb, this month’s salary I want to give myself a treat! I need to be alone.
6. Darl please, today I had a lot of work am tired, could you cook for we?
7. Beb, I need my freedom, I’m educated, I know my rights hence need to be treated as so.
8. Beb, do not worry I’m ever online till midnight, I’ve some clients am servicing, I’m also talking with the manager on some work proposals on WhatsApp.
9. Beb, a ladies money ain’t for the house running, you get our money & I get my money.
10. Beb noooo, don’t doubt me, this is my workmate, we like each other for the motivation we acquire from each other.
II UPUZI NI MINGI BANA, kidogo kidogo you hire a maid since your wife has no quality time with you. The maid is all available for you, she cooks, serves you, cleans your clothes. You get in touch more with the maid than your wife! The maid feeds herself well in the house she starts swelling from behind,kidogo kidogo you start looking at the maid suggestively! The maid is so amazing, as your learned friend (Your wife) spends all the time attending meetings unakamua maid.


Being a man is all about managing the temperaments of all the Bitches in your household while keeping them on a tight leash.
Many will try but only a few have succeeded.

Pekee yako tu…tafuta mboch uoe

So you prefer a pear sized brain mboch over an educated kunguru?

That hoe gene cuts across all classes

I cant afford living with a bimbo

Educated wives have alot of issues at work.Having time even for the kids is a problem. The mboch takes care of them and takes care of you. At last you two get connected and hit it off.

sio kwa ubaya pengine hata ukioa illiterate pengine umuoe na mkaishi kwa cave since hata ukimwacha nyumbani uende job tutamnyandua tu


if a woman wants to be a wife she will find a way to be, educated or not. bored women will always find work to be more interesting…juu chances are that you married for the ‘image’ you have as a couple career wise, money wise n shet. Wako ni wako, hata akifanya ngamia 1 na wewe ukisafisha mafuta lamu bado mtakuwa tight with no such excuses as you’ve shown up there (Osungu yawa…wapi Tata?)

Marry only for PROCREATION, but remain emotionally detached from your partner as much as you can. That’s the secret



I have nailed someone’s wife na one of the excuses above ndio alipatia bwanake. I am a traditional man. I would like a stay at home wife. If she must work I can start for her a business of her choice. Yenye by 5pm atakuwa amefunga and go home. Call me a control freak but to me that’s just how it should be.

Baby Panay hakuna kitu kama hiyo today. Hata huko kwa business she will find someone if she really wants to cheat. You just have to pray to God that it never happens and if it does that you never find out.

I have made peace with someone nailing my wife. Bora nisijue. I have slept with several married women in my days but niiacha.

Buda. Most educated bitches get married for the image. After sometime utakuwa ukichapwa excuses kama izo ziko hapo juu. Like Nyakundi has always said. Avoid those educated fools kabisa. However, there are some Angels that despite being busy she will create time for her family .

Not possible.

@Purple hehe…quit your job nikufungulie duka ya kuuza nguo za exhibition or better yet petrol station.

Some neighbour of ours thought that the best way to ensure wife stops dishing it out indiscriminately is to open some exhibition shop for her. It worked for a few months…then she went back to her old ways…kunguru ni kunguru tu whether educated,busy or not