Avicii and other android gurus...

mrng i rooted my samsung galaxy and installed powerful apps for rooted android like titanium bsckup,lucky patcher,busybox etc however in my attempt to uninstal bloatware i might have done away with a file or app associated with google service because right now when i try to open lets say youtube or gmail am confronted with this error message…
who can help me out of this quagmire

Try installing google play services. Download it from apkmirror

Halafu uko on which android version? Jellybean ama kitkat ama lollipop?

if u wnt to play around with manufacturer settings alwys make sure u do a nandoid backup immediatly after rootin en installin a custom recovery,tht way u can alwys go back to original state is u mess up.

rudisha google play services
alafu unaweza toa bloat ware na lnk2Sd

Get the latest Google play services and install via CWM.

thank you fellas i resolved it

Pia u can flash gapps to solve Google problems