Aviator wondering....

I have been here a few days, and I like the experience so far. Am however wondering the following:

  1. Has anyone got reliable info as regards what happened to KLost? Some people say wanderi was declared bankrupt, wengine ati he was the late Fidel, wengine ati the site was attacked by KTalkers, etc. Someone clarify pls.

  2. What are the T&Cs for usage of this site? Specifically, what is the policy on multiple handles?

  3. Does anyone know the fate of the KLost mofoking moderators, esp Jakeino and the witch (supu)?

  4. How does @ol monk and co. make (or intend to make) money from this village?

  5. Hapa mtu hupewa suspension akifanya nini? And will there be a prize for the first suspendee?

  6. Anyone seen these listers? CoachP, Muchatha, Luther, Lora, TLS, Atheist, Mabenda. I miss muclimbano stories.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

I don’t believe that you are @Msuper anymore. You are a man.Msuper was a lady.

You haven’t seen my genitalia. What makes you conclude that am a man?


You are welcome to show us your genitalia but only if it is feminine.
Remember the rules,you are a man until photographic evidence proves otherwise.

Kuna post about klost hapo kuna jibu la swali lako.:rolleyes:

Wapi link tuklick?

haha no 5 though

Huku pia huwa hatucrick


Uwesmake usiniletee upus jioni. Nitakumadaaaaa

Now I am certain huyu sii @Msuper

Kweli huyu ni kawambui

And I see there’s a talker amejiita Msuper. That’s a waiganjo. I beg @admin aweke yeye equator.

Character ya kawambui could never be a woman, his sexual escapades, his businesses, his claims to have killed, his drug addiction…no way all that could come from a woman

@aviator = @kungu the pilot = @Kanyoka reloaded = male
you could never be @Msuper na unaongea kama makanga.@Msuper was a well refined lady who had class.

So, mnataka kusema mimi ni nani?

as far as No. 4 goes,that may be a mystery coz i don’t see any adverts here,which gets me wondering about OLX as well.
any way, i miss explicit stories Mucatha used to post

Mucatha uses to be active hukooo 2012 n 2009… Not in 2014

gay lord