Aviation experts, anyone?

Something interesting caught my attention this morning . The luo guy with a customized Porsche made his way into FM stations (these guys source their materials for topics from sites like this). Anyway, the thing that caught my attention was a bizzare claim that the guy recently visited his in-laws in Ndthiwa in a fleet of 40 choppers. Now my question to aviation experts and those with a passion for flying, is that really possible and do we have that many private choppers in Kenya. Assuming they were on hire from private companies and individuals?

@aviator saidia hapa.

Nairobi aviation has very many choppers.

…on YouTube of course.

i see you meant a.k.a muguruki

Saw that too…though 40 choppers sounded far fetched.

What do you expect from a lou… Emphasis and claiming things out-of this world is their thing…

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The logistics involved would be mind boggling. Would KCAA or whichever authority controls airborne aircraft even allow 40 choppers in the air in one area? Landing space and parking would also be a big challenge.


Inakaa hekaya, if 13 chopers that accompanied the president to inspect the railway turned heads, what about 40 to a private function, ingekua twitter that very day


kabisa alafu hata a school playground wont be sufficient to land all of them bearing in mind the wing span, ingekua twitter, mpasho wangerukia hiyo story kama uwes kwa momo

Maybe he hired 4 choppers and multiplied it by 10 for good measure…being a Luo ni kasi pwana!

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NO. Choppers here might have meant 40 chauffers

He meant drivers aka chauffers who are hired to ferry people

Hiyo ni hekaya. He is just capitalizing on the publicity he is getting.

If the downwash from one helo can blow off a roof without problems, what will 40 of them do? Kwani ni invasion of ndhiwa? Hata 50 ACB wakitumia zao itakuwa news

People should stop hating on this guy. Pesa ni zake let him enjoy