Average Women demanding high value men

You find a woman who is above 25 yrs (over 25 is old )

possibly fat (anything bigger than Beyonce is fat)

has an average job or has money (we care less about her money ) or possibly divorced with two kids

then has audacity to demand high value man as hubby.

someone should tell these women that for us men, being a stepfather is like doing time for a crime you didn’t commit.

I see you have bn watching Kevin Samuel’s videos…:smiley:


A free market it is. What do you expect them to do when they perceive to have high value courtesy of the many orbiters giving them attention ?

You mean simps?

Most of them seem to think that a man’s high mileage bank account is equivalent to their high mileage pssuy…

Hehe hizi story mingi tulikataa. I cant remember the last time i had a single mother’s number na si muwaache watokomee na huko. Hizi discussion muwachie atty awiso huko buyer beware na wamama wenzake

Huwa mnaongea hapa ni kama you’re billionaires worthy of the most beautiful women. Ati anything above beyonce is fat?

I have only ever interacted with single mothers under the age of 25, when it comes to women over 25, they know me as that anti-social guy who never pays attention to them, ata kama ni kwa biashara au kazi…with the exception of my dear wife of course

So many of these women’s problems could be solved if they were just willing to admit that their bad life situations are a consequence of their own actions.

I find this funny and sad in equal measure.

People will always demand the best for themselves and it is human nature. You will see and continue meeting women with baggage, low paying jobs, average looks, etc searching for high value men who are handsome, rich, with zero baggage. It also works in reverse ie you find old, average looking, and broke men, thinking they have every right to marry 20 year old supermodels.

Human nature demands that both men and women will want the best for themselves. It is also the reason why the pareto principle applies even to dating ie both men and women want to date way above their league making the people that actually belong at the top of the foodchain have unlimited choices (hence single mothers and deadbeat dads).

My point, instead of complaining about things you cant change (human behavior), you can make the decision personally to avoid them at all costs. Let simps marry single mothers, and you marry whoever you want.

ciku muiruri ,I can smell your bulshit even with this new handle, mefii wewe! !!

Malaya usinitaje tena.

@Hmmmmm malisa hizo khasia … nkipatana na single madha ajipe, mimi nabonya kwani iko nini

Hehe… kwani single mother amekuambia ni kubonywa amekosa na anaitaka

@HNIC Humans always want the best for themselves and are optimistic. It’s just that some won’t manage to get it or won’t meet the value

Mnashinda mkilia singo matha day in day out. Si muachana tu na wao. Lakini najua hamuezi because they have pussy that will want you coming back for more.

Red pillers again regurgitating nonsense that doesn’t apply to Kenya. Huku Kenya women know to stay in their lane. Dame average huku Kenya akikatiwa na Sean Andrew atashinda tu akishuku

Hizi khasia zinakashif hawa wamadha nkama hawana ladha. Nyap ni nyap banawe

Majority of talkers hawana game. They’ll hide behind MGTOW opus. Also look at the number of threads of lanyes. Wasee wanataka low lying fruits tu.