Is Avechi a good place to buy products from?
I have been through their page and their prices are really good. Their prices are cheaper than other places by either 1500 or 2k.
Wenye wamenunua huko walete experience before I sink my money.

Hapo back then nakumbuka nikibuy redmi phones. Its a legit place.

elder hujatupea update kama ulifutwa kazi ama kuliendaje? ulikataa kulamba matako ya hr?

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I haven’t bought from them in a while but when I used to they never let me down. At some point I’d just send money while in county A outside Nai and they’d ship product to county B… I wouldn’t bother checking before purchase

Their tactic is advertising a product they don’t have. They are legit, yes, they put their money where their mouth at? Hell No.