Hello people, who has used this above,want to try by purchasing a laptop budget of 20k and below for some Python basics, any better leads with be highly appreciated. Thank you

Python code unawrite online you need an i3 an above

The question remains where can I get that at an affordable price

Wako sawa. Bought a One Plus 7 pro from them. They are legit

Visit yellow apple technologies pale nyuma ya nation center. Utapata a good laptop na pia they have good aftersales service in case you run into any issues.

I’ve used Avechi tangu 2016. Very reliable. Kulikuwa na a lightskin mama used to man the counter back then. I thought she looked like Julie Gichuru but taller.
Anyway. Before you pay call to check availability of said laptop. Sometime last year I placed an order only to be asked to change juu hio stock hawana.
Otherwise your money is safe. Delivery is faster than Jumia/Kilimall and wako tu sawa.

achana na avechi… if its a laptop u want…enda utafute old nation

Cosign. Hapo unapata bei fiti, na unapata bag ya laptop hapo mlangoni kwa hawkers ukitoka at 1k, yenye hapo Jamia mall at 2500 ama 3k.

Avechi wako sawa, bought like twice or thrice from the.