Your avatar best describes your character as a person, Gustavo Fring best describes my character, always smiling, you can never judge my mood, I can be very nasty when you f**k with me.

@Njamba Huthu ebu tell us what your character says about you? Ya uncle @uwesmake is self explanatory, @Supu don seems to be spot on, maybe I wrong.

do i have a avatar really?

i support hackers and the anonymous revolution and expose the truth

fuck .gov

No opinion from anyone matters to me!


I love big lips that suck my dick oh so well

I’m not of this world…plus I got superpowers

sisemi kitu

I love grape juice

Bibi akileta nyef nyef piga yeye teke.

…take me to your dealer

You must be Kate YM. I now understand your beef with me.

Self explanatory

I can’t be bothered to get one.

anonymous supernatural entity…

Ashana na mimi

hahhaha @Mundu Mulosi …mine is spot it…tested and proved…am still in love with your avatar…i was never wrong abt you…:slight_smile:

Hio ni picha yangu, problem?

Kuku mgeni ako na kimbelembele sana, umetoka shimo gani?

You are wasted 24/7. I envy you.