This is an absolute top notch block buster, I wonder why holiwood doesn’t create movies with such good themes like in the 90s

no lgbtq agenda, family values are upheld

No girl power bulshit

This movie is 10/10, Yani 3hrs zimeisha bila mimi kugundua

I won’t be surprised if the same producer decides to shit on the next terminator franchise with woke gay agenda as usual

Yaani umeoana hio movie ikiwa kali, hadi unaipea 10/10? Such waste of your visuals

Kwani do you two share brains? You making it seem like akipea iyo movie 10/10 he’s spoken your behalf. You can give your own ratings too, create your own theead, si izi low IQ analysis bula ata sababu unakashifu yake

There is a terminator franchise? I thought they shitted on the last and it ended

The cinema experience in 3D is on another level.

James Cameroon and Christopher Nolan are the few Hollywood directors that make masterpieces.

Terminator imekua kama Sharknado ama Tremors ,so bad a movie you actually want to watch it

Give your own view the movie , compared to nonsense we are fed, this movie stands out

He is right the movie is a masterpiece which gives value to family and male strength. No lgbtq chieth noted therefore according to today’s lgbt movies it’s 10/10.

Sharknado is cool because of vivica fox tuseme ukweli. Tremors was actually quite good.

Nyoko. Tremors was good

Haija shinda thanos

Kuna the 1st franchise ya Arnold Schwarzenneger.

Na kuna ya pili kama Terminator Salvation, Terminator Genesys, Terminator Dark Fate etc.

@Kumbaffu Usimsahau Quentin Tarantiono, mzito wa fiction

The first franchise was an original idea conceived by someone who had looked deep into the future. The remaining did not materialize because they were to make money

sijaiwoch bado pia Jurasic park sijawoch