AV Receiver

Looking to upgrade my home audio system and I was considering getting a better receiver but problem is haziko avechi, any good online store anyone can recommend or any within Nairobi. Thanks.


Saw someone selling then on olx, but mostly Its just a listing, they probably will import on your behalf, so its better if you did the online purchase on say, Amazon uk then have it shipped by a good shipping company…

mmmh…is there a bad shipping company

I hear kote cargo is really bad…


Good is relative here… Otherwise ‘best’ is also synonym to ‘good’

Enda pale moi avenue opposite club sevens, kuna duka ya yamaha. U will get a good reciever that works 220v without need for converters

Amazon (US) wako na bei poa. shida ni input voltage (110v)


Harman Kardon. @Luther12 atakuelezea zaidi

Kunazo ukiangukia huwa na voltage range hadi ya 220v, but very rare…

Free advise: keep off 110/120v stuff.

Check out Electrohub.co.ke, got mine from there, located at Highway Shopping Mall opp. Nyayo stadium. There’s several genuine guys who advertise on olx including one who calls himself bestbuyKE on fb. They have a shop pale Kímathi House.

Check out these guy’s…

Was watching out for your comment.

Ndakitali more info priss. Do I get the unit in full, or I have to source for speakers, and if yes, where, priss

An AVR is different from a hometheatre-in-a-box. For AVR, you get the receiver and speakers and amplifiers subwoofers separately. You build the unit at your own pace. Mine is still incomplete, 2yrs later.

Amplifier tena? :frowning:

For how much? Which type is good?

Sorry, I meant subwoofer. A powered/ active subwoofer. The AVR already integrates an amp. Let me edit.

There are many brands in the market. Most readily available would be JBL, BiC America, Jamo, and Klipsch, among others.

Mine took me over one year to build, and it cost me over kshs100,000. I was specific i wanted bic america