Automatic gear lever

This car (premio 2004model) just developed a problem.After putting it on parking,it becomes difficult to engage any other gear,but when i successfully shift from parking gear,i can easily move between other gears.I also noted that when I step on breaks,sometimes the break lights goes on and at times they dont,when the breaklights go on,the gear lever shifts easily.How do the two relate,is it something to do with breaks?

enda kwa mech tell him to adjust the lever cable

could be the gear shift lever cable inakwama mahali ama adjustment yake si poa

@introvert unaitwa kiasi.

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Tiptronic gears are better !

flappy paddle gearbox is even better

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Somehow the issue seems related to braking,when i press the break pedal harder the gear moves

osungu is being burried here


Nitaenda kesho

You may have locked the gear system by shifting that ka-small lever near the gear knob

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Diagnosis as per @Ibwit 's suggestion above.
On a lighter note, however, how is OP able to see his brake lights while driving? Hehehe.


Kweli kapsaa.


Wacha upuss fungus sacco kabla tulewe

While driving all is well,but when i stop and need to shift from parking gear to drive,one has to step on breaks for the gear to move,its at this point that i noted I couldnt see the breaklights when the gear didnt engage and vice versa

masaa ya sacco ni 23:00 hrs and beyond

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ask your mech to check the shift lock solenoid

Gari iko poa wewe ndio ujui kutumia

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Googling for solution here,last time niliona ikiwa na such problem,cable fulani ilikuwa imekatika,am suspecting a misshap somewhere

As a temporary solution… Shift the lever to neutral when you stop. Fully engage the handbrake and release the brake pedal. Then press the brake pedal and engage P. The strain will be on the handbrake or footbrake and not
on the gearbox system. Temporary solution for now. Moving it from P will be very easy.

Is it hard when the car is in on or off position?