August 1952


This is a famous pic taken in August 1952 in Kiambu during a KAU rally. A previous one, drawing crowds of more than 50,000, had taken place in Nyeri a month back.

Seated L-R: James Gichuru, Snr. Chief Waruhiu, Snr. Chief Koinange, Eliud Mathu, Mzee Kenyatta, Snr. Chief Njonjo and Mama Ngina’s dad, Snr. Chief Muhoho.

This is the year when the emergency was declared and Jomo accused of being the leader of Mau Mau. Ironically, during this very rally, Jomo denounced Mau Mau and called for peaceful means of addressing the Africans’ grievances.

What brought about declaration of emergency by the colonial administration in 1952? There were a number of factors but one single event - the assassination of Snr. Chief Waruhiu by Mau Mau - was the main trigger.

After taking part in the rally below, he only lived for less than two months afterwards.

During the Kiambu rally, Kenyatta said:

“Many people asked what this meeting is about and who the organizers are. The meeting is of Kikuyu elders and leaders, who have decided to address a public meeting and establish what the disease in kikuyuland is, and how this disease can be cured”.

He continued: “We are being harmed by a thing which some people seem to call Mau Mau.”

At this juncture, Kenyatta went on to ask that all those who were against Mau Mau to raise their hands. The response was immediate and unanimous.

He then went on to talk about the objectives of KAU and to disclaim any association between KAU and Mau Mau.

The second photo is of the body of Snr. Chief Waruhiu moments after he was killed by a Mau Mau gunman on 7th October 1952. He was buried two days later, on the 9th.

On 20th October, a state of emergency was declared and operation Jock Scott against the Mau Mau commenced.


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J Kenyatta was never a part of the armed freedom struggle… his post-independence mistreatment of the Mau Mau clearly show where his allegiance lay, If the British had not arrested him then probably Mau Mau would have killed him like they did to his home-guard colleagues


One difficult truth to swallow is that the colonialists would have never allowed a freedom fighter to take over the reigns, they needed a person that will protect their interests both in Kenya and S.A i.e. Jomo and Mandela; Interestingly enough it is the home guards like kina Michuki that grew wealthy after independence while the true freedom fighters like kina Dedan Kimathi’s family languished in poverty.


The collaborators and the Homeguards…

I think there are many benefits of having capitalist JK as the first president of the new Kenyan republic, however he goofed on the land question. I don’t know how this can be addressed without creating division and tensions amongst Kenyans today.


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And also the SAS tactics during the emergency and it left me wonndering what was the actual spark

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Yeah. Senior Chief Njonjo’s and Koinange’s sons became powerful men in independent Kenya. Kenyatta stayed more than ten years in Britain and this conditioned him to think like the British and he even married a white woman at some point. That’s why he was handed the reigns and instruments of power when the colonialists left.

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