Auditor General Ouko- 230.2 Billion cannot be Accounted For

The Railway Development Levy Fund could not explain how Sh230.2 billion was spent in the financial and assets statements of June 30, 2015.

Auditor General Edward Ouko has queried how unaccounted for billions of taxpayers money was spent.

In his report tabled in Parliament, Ouko questioned how Sh19.2 billion was transferred to the State Department of Transport without availing minutes of meetings of the Fund’s advisory committee that gave the approval.

account shut

The report also shows that on October 2, 2014, the National Treasury closed the Fund’s Central Bank account that had a balance of Sh6.5 billion.

No documents were provided to show where the money was transferred to.

Sasa wacha uone villagers wakileta hapa RWNBP vs UOTP while we are being looted dry. We are a failed state I swear.

Campaign lazima ikuwe financed

Grand theft. Hii serikali kazi ni kubeba pesa ya umma na magunia

The Auditor General should be given investigative powers. Instead of telling us it is ‘unaccounted for’ he should tell us whether there was any theft and who the thief is.
Unaccounted for can mean many things. Even me half of my salary is usually unaccounted for.

What Ouko has done here is give Raila reason for another press conference to tell us that Sh230 billion was stolen.

And it begins! Sigh!


Very well said.he should be telling us who took what or what department was in charge of the cash.
Otherwise being the auditor general he’s also part of the gvnmnt gang that stole.

the ball is in the EACC and DPP’s court now, it is their job to find out where those monies disappeared to

Hii katiba ni musical chairs

@Mr Black has given an answer to your question. And about half your meagre salary being unaccounted for, nobody gives a fook, but the 230b is public funds and every single cent should be accounted for.

Sasa Raila anaingilia wapi hapa? Don’t you know that ODPP has the powers to order investigations? Soma kijana tafadhali, si hatia kusoma na kufikiria.

Is it 230 or 23, Railway levy Fund has not collected 230 billion since inception

Your answer is there ,read with an open mind. Do you want ouko to shoot whoever refuses to give him the beneficiary of the looted cash?

Boss just think 10 years post jubilee , think think it’s free. Stop being short sighted . Think about how your grandkids will live here in kenya with this Kind of looting .think …

Have they ever found anything since their inception apart from juzi I saw a former kpa employee being sued for 70million?

The good thing is the money is still invested in the economy…Haven’t you noticed too many new high-rise buildings in the city? Capitalism at its best

It doe

It doesn’t matter sir , the main thing is that money isn’t accounted for and they refused to say who was the beneficiary . As usual @Touchlyrics amesema people will come to defend their RWEBP battalion thinking that jubilee will rule for ever . The systems you are abusing right now will come back to bite you when you will be in the cold . Glow in the sun till it last …

mkuMbwa, it has to be twisted like that alafu they will clarify in the PAC but the damage will already be done. Look at Eurobond, they said 250B never set foot in Kenya. Then they said it did come but they want to see itemised allocations, then they said they want to go to the US and investigate JP Morgan and Federal reserve bank, then they went silent on the whole issue. But once in a while, you will hear TMT say 250B was lost.
Take the example of 5.2B health ministry scandal. Then they said it is 3B, then they said… it is all vanity!

Cammon your salary is yours and yours alone, the money unacounted for is Taxpayers Money, please widen ur scope on the post u just put

This has to the most stupid comment I have read in years. Jesus!!!

Ndio maana hatuezi endelea kimaisha if we have a percentage of the population thinking like you.

What the hell? Dude do you know anything to do with wiring money to offshore banks ? Ever heard of that , you think these guys are stupid to loot and let the money stick around ?? I pity you