Auditor General Nancy Gathungu


Kwani she is not corruption compliant ?
She seems to be like that Edward Ouko former auditor general i.e not covering up stuff that would be covered up by corruption compliant officials like AG, DPP, DCI Kinoti or that EACC character etc

In the latest audit of KICC, Ms Gathungu found the [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]State Corporation had not included in its financial statements the parking area as part of its land.

[COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]The courtyard on which Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta’s monument stands is also missing in KICC books[COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)], deepening the land ownership mystery.

We should do a revolution ndio nikakojee ile kaburi ya mzae flani amezikwa huko jiji kuu.

That will solve all .ke problems

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She is beautiful and doing a great job while at it!

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Huyu mama anafanya kazi yake mzuri…

Come to think of it, there would be no corruption in Kenya if the government acted on these audit reports

Her competence overrides what you think. Huyu apana weka kwa ligi ya zile chokoraa mmezoea.

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She must have luhya genes in her lineage

There’s nothing wrong with this woman here. Ati ugly ?

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KICC is headed by Nana Gecaga.

Gecaga works primarily in international marketing and tourism. She is credited with being partly responsible for Kenya’s successful bid to host the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards.[4]

She has previously worked as the Head of Marketing at KICC. Following that, she was employed as Marketing and Special Programmes Advisor to the Cabinet Secretary, Kenya Ministry of Tourism.[4]

Effective 1 April 2016, Najib Balala, the Tourism Cabinet Secretary appointed Nana Gecaga as the acting Managing Director of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), pending the selection of a substantive CEO.[4]


we need these kind of people to head serious institutions, Ouko apewe DPP Gathungu apewe EACC .

EACC na DPP wakuwe na special DCI yao complete with a good budget . with sweeping powers .

We have special corruption courts at the level of High courts dealing with corruption above ten million kshs.

wote wapewe targets and turn around times

juzi amemulika JKUAT for making losses on theur noodle manufacturing company

At the end of the day, if kazi take ni kumulika, that’s what she will do.
If she (her office, really) were to get into enforcement, she’d definitely be compliant.

ION: has she reported on the Judiciary?