Audio amp vs K-Y Jelly: Insights Needed

Niaje wasee.

Can anyone recommend a nice bluetooth-capable audio amplifier for about 2Gs? Mine’s fried - power brown out a few months ago. Plus it’s more than 10 years old. After listening to and gleaning insights from elders’ input in this here thread, I realized what was amiss. Music! See, with the fear of neighbours hearing her soundtrack (bedsit problems), this girl had to muffle her soundtrack down to a weak hum. Almost a whimper. This coupled with her natural dryness meant it wasn’t ever gonna get slippery enough down there. Epiphany!

Nice, slow sensual music is something of an aphrodisiac to a woman and I think it psychologically triggers the release of lubricating juices down there. So, who needs 500/- K-Y Jelly when you can have red lights and J Holiday do all the work for you? [SIZE=3]That sounded weird[/SIZE].

Anyway, that’s why niko kwa soko looking for a 2.1 channel audio amp so I can put this hypothesis to the test on Sunday (different chiq). I think I saw a thread on 800/- amps last year but I don’t think those are audio capable. I don’t mind 2Gs on an amp halafu 1 bob for 2 mid-range speakers. I have a working GLD sub-woofer and a tweeter (sorry audiophiles). K-Y Jelly tutanunua when shagging 40-year old ‘tucungwas’ in our 70s.

Nimecheki hii ya JBL pale Jiji. Anyone vouch for it? Is it legit?


Wrink ndo hii hapa. I don’t mind forking some extra cash for something legit.

What you mean is you are looking for a bedroom speaker to muffle your gf’s moans ama??

Yes, It sounded very gay. Lemme wash my ears.

But why complicate life. Mimi for the bedroom I use a simple 10k Sayona system. Not for fucking purposes, but because I need music 24/7 to function. I sleep with music on.

Nimeishuku sana pia. Acha nisake hiyo Oraimo.

Yeah, kitu kama hiyo mzito. And my own entertainment of course. They overlap.

I like dismantling my gadgets at will and hooking up 'em up in different combos. Pia I have a huge GLD sub-woofer that I don’t wanna stow away.