There’s nothing more evil you can do to a man that purposefully damage his name.

A few days ago I shared a screenshot of a conversation between me and @WaweruAnthony, where the latter was trying to con me. I shared the screenshot here, to caution other talkers against @WaweruAnthony’s antics. I later deleted the thread.

Minutes after I deleted the thread, this idiot @Ngimanene na matharo created a thread alleging that I’m a conman. Since then, he’s made several comments calling me a scammer. Which is ridiculous because:

  1. No one has ever accused me of scamming them.

  2. I’ve never engaged in business with any member of this forum.

Another idiot is @Zush. He’s also been making unfounded accusations regarding my integrity. According to him, I’m the person behind the WaweruAnthony handle. Unfortunately – and quite obviously – he doesn’t offer an iota of evidence to support his claims.

To my knowledge, I’ve never asked anyone here for money. I’m a weird guy, and I write a lot of weird shit, but my integrity is beyond reproach.

People like @Ngimanene na matharo should be taken out and beaten to death. Besides perpetuating lies and accusations without a shred of evidence, he’s never posted anything meaningful. Given that he seems largely illiterate, he is too insignificant to take to court and too poor to be worth the cost.

So all I can say is “Fůck you. Worthless scum.”

We know you Zane Kamau @AliExpress @WaweruAnthony tunakujua sana. Always deflecting from the nature of who you are.

I shared a screenshot of the conversation where @WaweruAnthony was trying to con me. If I am indeed Waweru Anthony, does that imply I was inboxing myself, in order to scam myself?

There’s no words to describe how foolish your statement is.

@Uzo wacha umama bladfakin apa sio kwa psychiatrist…who’s shoulder do you want to cry on apa uingie inbox yake…stop behaving like a cunt…grow up child


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The things I read in this forum will one day come to haunt me.:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D @Uzo sells mcoondur for a living he isn’t a conman .the thief is @Weyn alias @Nipe Nikusifu .
@Uzo alias @Tauren alitombwa mcoondur highschool and his head hasn’t been okey since then.

This nigga is talking about integrity like he has any. This same nigga that insults talker’s mothers because he doesnt have one himself since he was raised by two gey fathers, just what integrity do you have left if you spend every waking minute insulting people and somehow thinking you sound cool at it? Youre a degenerate, despicable piece of shit, if you get a chance to kill yourself, do it without hesitation.

thanks. Tell these idiots I’m not a conman.

it is well known that you went to sabina joy with your father alafu ukarudi nyumbani na mama.


Its well known that your name is Zane Kamau and there is a high chance you were inboxxing yourself Mr. Waweru Anthony. Better spend your time clearing your name and not quoting me.

I just created a thread calling you a homosexual. And as you can see, I’m not so keen on having those pictures ( of me, ostensibly) taken down.

btw, is my name Zane Kamau or is it Ted Wairi? Pick one, dude.

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Youve been creating them since you were Tauren. As you can see, am not bothered, am not making countless threads begging for mercy like a bitch or shit you are. I simply ignore your insignificant ass. You simply looking to use my name to scale your dog shit writing career thats in the dust like your pathetic music career. Maybe you should try blue collar job creativity aint your forte. Youre just a stupid wannabe.

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Huyu Zane Kamau is a low life con homosexual

This is not what pays my rent, wewe mtoto wa malaya. And you writing these long-ass responses doesn’t really count as “ignoring” me.

Let me look for your picture and use it as my profile :D:D:D

Infact I can create a facebook account using your pictures, and then post a lot of homosexual shit.

what has he ever stolen from you, you illiterate fool. Let me block you again. You’re the most pathetic talker in this forum.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D why do people take this site seriously , Mimi si nmekubali mama yangu ni Malaya anauza coomerniner pale mulolongo 20.50/= only ? We are here for some fun as we do our business

Everyone knows it’s a joke. No one here even knows you, how can they know your mother?

Lakini getting accused of theft is far more serious. I’ve never stolen from anyone hapa. I’ve never even received money from a talker.

Infact the only financial benefit I’ve received from a talker was the airtime you once sent me. And that was the result of a friendly banter between us, not theft.

See, a thieving con fagget