Attention Listers

Hope y’all had a nice week (end) - I had. And news just coming in from Ol’ trafford made it all the better. GGMU

Now listen up listers, I got some good news and some bad news.
The good news - is back up and running
The bad news - is back up and running
Well, its never been down or anything but its been somewhat dormant for a while now. I had been swamped with work commitments and all and left it unfinished. But recent events made me commit to reviving it again (with the passing on of Shujaa Wanderi RIP, and comments by some listers about having a kijiji with the look and feel of good old Kenyanlist) I tried and tried but just couldnt find the time. So last week I thought it’d be the perfect time to get down to work during the long Easter weekend. And get to work I did. Thought I would be done by Monday, but its actually taken me the whole week.

Anywho without much further ado - welcome to

PS - I am well aware that tume accept and moved on, and that this kijiji ‘imeshika moto’ as reported by Kichwakibov this morning. All I’m saying is check the site out, and we’ll see how it goes. I value your feedback, whichever form (but not matusi)

nataka post ya Senior most moderator, na hakuna kubishana bishana

i want the post “senior ANALyst”

Weka mimi moderator nikuje na handles zangu zote

@Wakanyama = njamba huthu…

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…oooohky…sasa huko tutakuwa kengen ama kentalkers?..

Listers tu bado. I still consider myself to be a lister. Anyway the people will decide

Sijaweka system ya bonga points bado. But if you are active unapost macomments na listings hapa kule, unapata cheo chap chap.
Right now I am working on notification system and private messages

Great i’m going over there…

It looks friendly…well done…

Joining pap…hv side dish aka msuper there…

Give us at least Five reasons or benefits why we should join hiyo keygen…

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Mobile interface iko sawa, but jina kidogo iko down

Na kwani hiyo kijiji Haina villagers?[ATTACH=full]3507[/ATTACH]

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Swali tu kama mahomo hawako huko tutakuja na piya hawa kina fulani wamatusi ya wazazi kama hawako tunakuja,kina avicci na monk wameachilia hii kijiji kila post lazima upate word gay k…må ya mama yako which is boring.kazi kwako.



Wacha niweke private message alafu mwenye anataka cheo tuongee one on one.

Last week dakitari raised the red flag ånd i seconded him ,angalia matusi junkie anatowa siku hizi,its time to repackage this slum,sorry upgrade ånd those who dont meet our standard ,piga hao teke ,asande.


@Supu don @Edundy @Davidee na wengineo thanks