To anyone who uses the Kenyatta stage near KNH, watch out for this guy. He is a pickpocket via Michelle S.
PS: If u look closely accomplices are also in the vicinity…very suspicious looking accomplices



How come this pple have never been shot

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kuna vile anakaa kama avatar yako…

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wacha ufala

These 2 chaps hang out at Dago Corner. They usually split their spoils at the local pubs. Even the cops know them <— some one jus commented this

I boarded a mat once at prestige …wakaanza kupick pocket they were 3 , I jst alighted at the juction

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huyo jamaa alimpigaje mbisha

ile njaro unajifanya una browse phone lakini uko kwa camera…blunder ni ako kwa sauti ya kupiga picha

This guy’s are some good at what they do tho’. I once took a mat from prestige to impala, 10 bob ride and pap my phone was gone. Some expensive ride that was …grrr. I like to believe I dropped it but I know I was jacked

Karibuni Dagoretti Corner. I thought I am the only one who resides here.

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f@k ako na sweater kama yangu

Wah the way he’s looking is like he knows his photo is being taken

Never lost an item from pickpockets never will .

Walinijaribu hapo between Adams and Prestige lakini hawakutoboa. I caught them in the act na hizo mabahasha zao kubwa. I gave the guy a killer look hakujaribu tena, nikashukia prestige.

One strategy that usually helps when in a mat is to make eye contact, with people that you suspect, just making eye contact will deter them as they will think that you’re onto them.

mee to think so