Attention All Ktalkers- can I have your attention please

Tangazo Maalum/Polite Notice

Please let me know when i post something that offends you so that i block you. Your mental health means a lot to me.

Do you post to make people happy or share an opinion?

Its a joke.

I don’t give a flying kick whether you post or not. Besides, I am not sure if you are blue holder or the other one. If the latter, perhaps I can.

I see these days u have improved your writing ability. You were putting my UoN to shame. Have you secretly been reading my posts and comments?:D:D:D

ile may i have your attention natambua

@dingoo_wa_ingoo my number 1 fan who I blocked in 2016 but he never misses any of my posts. LOL. Hivi ndio unstalk ma exe wako for a whole decade. This can’t be good for your mental health. Every post of mine uko na mimi bumper to bumper, si ungekuwa unasaka ganji na hio psyche unanifuata nayo ungekua ulisha hama bedsitter pipu? Priorities. LOL.

Nilifikiri unatuitia jambo la maana. You need to have your ears pulled, but listen:

You whose never seen, is not an English sentence. It has never been one, ever.
You who has never seen, or You who’s never seen, is.
Enjoy your Sunday Ma,am.

Thank you. You too sir.

I think that this is a veined tree holder masquerading as a woman. Either way, I don’t hate no one.

Unauza watermelon?


Yeah, niko na mob sana. Unataka ngapi?


  1. Let me get something straight for me and a few others. Are you a veined or not? Coz if the former, this is turning to be so g ay and I ain’t dippin in that sh it.

300 Bob per kg or what?

TC Could be a TS.

I don’t know why my gender should be of any concern