Attempted Hijack Outside of Home

Crime is South Africa is always on a different level

Quick thinking and an even quicker reaction saved them…

noma. Their youtube comments have degenerated to racist taunts

hii term OUTSIDE OF HOME inakuwanga english ama kisapere , nimeskia mangombe zikiitumia sana hapa kwa kijiji

Its good to have those defence skills…Wuee

The lady in video 1 has mad driving skills and the reactions of SFs.

tyrannosaurus Rex niaje

The driver is her husband who was already in,they keep right.Why was she alighting from the vehicle and the gate is automatic and it had already openned, si elewi

Poa sana anko. Ma-ARVs zinakupeleka aje juu naskia zile latest zinaharisha sana?

Ndio munaona hii leo?

had they gotten in kidogo that merc would have barricaded their exit from the back

I think its to hold, or curdle the small dog, some consider dogs as family so its like your kid running to the side of your car you won’t just drive in you step out.

its funny in most of the attempted home carjacks huko sa, the thugs don’t completely block the path behind their victims car, the thugs use expensive cars to trail their victims and I think they are fearful of damaging the same.

Lets say in a way the dog saved the day,coz i think they stopped to avoid running over it.On the other hand that lady ako chonjo,the driver too

isn’t it also a car jacked vehicle.I mean you own a C200 and you also in the robbing/car jacking business…ama kunaendaje

looking at the lengths they go to prevent the cars they use being involved in a crash might point more to them having the same given to them by their boss, and no one wants to wreck the boss’s car, especially considering that the thugs seem to be the most stupid guys, very little intelligence if you look at how they try to execute the steals.

lakini huku sa good reversing skills are needed for car drivers especially the ones with expensive cars.

a camera on different angle of previous robbery

I believe those south african victims have been trained in agressive driving.

Thugs like those deserved to be run over.